Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Growing up dainty.

I grew up being a dainty kid. A dainty kid loving sports. That's a delicate balancing act, if you will.

I remember loving football but hating to get tackled, even being afraid sometimes. There were big kids out there. Before all the crap with my leg went down I was pretty decent in the open field. I had moves. Moves that would sometimes work. I could also throw the ball pretty good and accurate with a tight spiral. I just didn't like getting tackled or tackling anyone. Eventually we all switched over to tag football and found a nice big church parking lot to play in. I did my damage there. I'm sure I set passing records.

In baseball I never wanted to get hit with the ball. It was my biggest phobia. Watching the faster pitchers warm up would make me nervous. It took me about 6 at bats in two games to get used to this. I think I had a tendency to step into the pitches late and also step away. Most of the time I hit em in the opposite field (left field, cause I'm a lefty(meaning more intelligent/creative)). I was a pitcher too. I was pretty good for being dainty. Won the team MVP that year. My average ended up being like .600.

Basketball was another game I enjoyed. Basketball is physical too. Maybe more physical than what people think or assume. I loved shooting from outside and maybe doing an uncontested lay up but I never cared for boxing out or grabbing rebounds. That's how people get hurt. Playing pick up games I'd fear the oafish uncoordinated kids. I saw them as serious hazards. I was timid. But I had a good shot.

Fighting provided great entertainment for me but I would never participate. The only person I ever got violent with was my younger brother but that was when he was much smaller than me. I still like antagonizing people but I will never get in a physical fight. I think that would be embarrassing for all parties involved.

Dainty is no easy road to walk. It must be done with dignity and pride and maybe the slightest hint of masculinity, if possible. God bless.

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