Monday, November 29, 2010

Physical or emotional pain: which one is worse?

If you're human you've dealt with both. I've dealt with some. Some of have dealt with it way more than I can imagine. If you had to choose one over the other which one would it be?

Both impact each other. Emotional pain can come from physical pain, and physical from emotional pain.

Physical pain is a broad topic. There is bone pain that can come from breaks/fractures, bone infections and arthritis. Bone breaks are bad but the one I had was more achy than anything. Pain from a bone infection can be quite severe. Mine feels more like a constant kicking in the shin if I stop taking my meds. I've never dealt with arthritis but that can get crazy as all get out.

Muscles can be a good source for physical pain. Cramps are pretty severe and sharp. I tend to get a little nervous if I feel one coming on. Pulled muscles and tares can be pretty annoying. I don't believe I ever tore a muscle.

Then there are migraines, toothaches, intestinal pains, and incisions. All of these can be horrendous. All of these can have serious impact on your life and mood.

Then there is emotional pain.

The two big ones are probably losing a loved one and breaking up with someone. These are very common. Remember how you felt? Would you choose that over arthritis?

Emotional pain, panic attacks, terror, and depression can also come from anxiety and mental disorders. You may feel insecure about something or believe people are after you. Depending on your psychological state you may be able to control this and even snap out of it. Others have no control. Regardless, these are some types of emotional pain. Anything here seem appealing?

It's really a tough question but I think I'm leaning towards the emotional. You can still be physically healthy and have emotional pain. Whereas most physical pain comes from something going wrong in your body. Most physical pain, I believe, leads to some kind of emotional pain, maybe more than the other way around. While physical pain does seem to be debilitating, I've found a lot of past emotional pain has made me stronger and improve my lifestyle decisions and get busy with something. I've found severe physical pain a much greater barrier and a serious threat to my sleeping patterns and a functioning life.

Which one would you prefer?

Please add to my blog if you feel that I left out something from either topic as I'm sure I have.

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  1. Hmm, really interesting discussion. But you know, I've noticed that very very often when I'm experiencing some sort of severe emotional pain, I end up unintentionally hurting myself physically. For example: this summer a friend killed himself, and a few days later I got major road rash on my legs and feet that took months to heal properly. A lot of other people I've talked to have experienced similar things. Is it that when we hurt inside we have an unconcious need to feel it on the out, and therefore manifest it? Or could it be that people tend to be more reckless when faced with emotional anguish? I don't know. Anyway, thanks for the interesting thought-fest.

  2. <>
    i'd rather go through physical pain. i think. i am answering this question rather impulsively (for someone like me who is not spontaneous).

  3. Physical can become emotional, or at least mental, when it is so debilitating that you can't get shit done. So maybe they are one in the same?

  4. it's the same thing if your a cutter

  5. thanx morgan...always good insitght....thought you didnt read my blog.