Monday, November 29, 2010

The Time Portal

He's entered the time portal a few times. The time portal is both warm and fuzzy, not to mention foggy. To the brave soul who has entered the portal everything seems fine. To others, he appears to be slurring his speech and drooling on 'eemself. A jar of peanut butter is one of the few things that can be taken into the time portal.

Eventually you get sleepy.

He was in the portal last Saturday and to those around 'eem he had a shi++y look on his face and a blank stare.

He goes into the portal because life's hard. There are other dimensions to try out. He needs to unwind.

I've seen souls drop full cans of Chesterfield's on the living room floor as if it were nothing. Then they laugh it off. They become like little golf balls rolling through rooms and curving towards the doorways as if the house has little slopes like a putting green. It's both a beautiful and tragic sight. It's always followed by a serious tits up.

Steve Winwood sings of Higher Love.

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