Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The importance of having a good hair day.

I showered and shampooed last night before bed. When I sleep with a wet head and wake up the next morning it's always a question as to whether I'm going to have a good hair day. It sometimes keeps me up at night.

Well, I did and I am. (having a good hair day)

My hair is at a good length these days. It's a nice brownish color. I really like whats going on with it. At this length it's always essential that I keep it washed. When it's greasy, and if I haven't shaved I look like a drunk (which of course I'm not). Washing it a couple times over gives it great body, though I lose control.

<<In the past with shorter hair styles and shorter bangs especially, I kind of like to keep it mildly greasy so I can gain some control. You see, as nice as my hair is, it's only downfall is that it's extremely thin and tough to control.>>

Now, I need the flow and the body. Washing it gives me that. Picture hockey legend Guy LaFleur skating down the ice with no helmet and his hair flowing back. That's what I'm about these days.

So what does all this mean?

It means it's vitally important to have a good hair day. It gives you confidence on the job and when running serious game at the local establishment. When we have good hair we can hold our heads high. I wasn't blessed with the prettiest face, maybe my ears are slightly too big, maybe my jawline could be stronger and more chiseled, but hair is something I, we can control. It's up to us to decide what type of hair goes with what type of skull.

Truth be told I don't spend hours on my hair. It happens. But, we must be willing to recognize when a hair style approach doesn't work. It's a feeling thing, vibes and whatnot. Evaluate your hair and decide whether your approach is working.

Don't f#$@ around with your hair!


  1. i understand that you are kept up at night., I am so anal about my hair that when I roll & toss in my sleep,,.. I keep my hair in exactly the correct spot & flowing in the right direction. and so on. I never told anyone this before.

  2. dainty bones is about getting the polis(people) to open up....thanks for sharing sis-dear.