Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Truth to Power: Thank you Mr. Julian Assange

I like what he is doing. There should be more transparency in government. If we had a couple Julian Assanges in my town we'd be in good shape.

America has been on an imperialistic rampage since about the 1950s or so, even before then. We've done a lot of bad things including Operation Ajax and Operation Gladio. There are many others. Maybe this will level the playing field or at least keep them "honest". Maybe this will make the US a little more cautious. We don't want to hear about our troops killing innocent civilians sometimes or that the casualties in Iraq are over 100,000. We block that stuff out. It should be addressed and talked about more. I'm hoping this information will change naive and trusting perceptions of our government/military/foreign policy.

There was some good stuff on Hillary Clinton ordering US diplomats to spy on UN Leaders. I've always despised Hillary Clinton. She seems like a power hungry sociopath (like most in politics). Evidently, she got fingerprints and credit card numbers on people. Creepy, but not unexpected.

This is a nice role reversal. After the Patriot Act in 2001 and all the surveillance and even now the molestation from government on its slaves (I mean citizens), via the TSA, its quite refreshing to see powers caught with their junk out. Take note of how they're reacting towards this. They want Assange dead. This is how power works and it's killed many in the past who have had secrets or appear as threats.

I've concluded after about twenty years of following politics and just experiencing life that the worst and most vile souls pursue politics and power. There are exceptions to everything. But those who think that they can manage a large diverse country are ego trippin. Thank you Mr. Assange and I hope you survive to put more of this stuff out there. Bless and keep.

Check the links below for meaningful information on all of this.,8599,2033771,00.html

other past covert government nonsense, enjoy!

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