Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hugs are Frivalous.

I'm coming clean on hugs. I think they're frivalous. The only time hugs are relevant are in "intimate" scenerios, or when one is drunk. Sometimes the 2 are combined.

I'm tired of getting weird looks if I decide to shake a girl's hand. I'm cold. I come from the cold Germanic von Stiehl line. I think most of the time girls impose hugs on guys. But then they leave and don't want anything else. If a guy really likes their hug than he is a dirty man(sometimes this is true - see below). I don't understand it.

I love my parents as any other person loves their own but I feel no need to hug them. What is the point? We know the deal. That is that.

When are hugs necessary?
1) After a jolly night of drinkin with the fellows
2) As a prelude to a physical encounter
3) Or just being polite to someone who is dependent on hugs (after all, you don't wanna appear cold)

Do I ever like hugging?
Yes, but, it has to be the right woman. And I prefer to be naked. This usually occurs as often as the cicadas come around.

Men who hug a lot.
Most men who hug a lot, in my experience are creeps who just like to feel a woman's body against them (nothin wrong with that, but they get all horned up). Many of them talk warmly as if they care, but it is all a game to get some ass. And, of course they are perceived by most as warm and compasionate, whereas people like me who speak truth to power come across as cold. Yeah, I'm a victim. Life's hard.

This is it on hugs. Enjoy. God bless.


  1. Bullfeathers.. hugs encourage oxytocin release which is good & healthy for you.
    so you do a number 3 on me??

  2. yeah...right.

    i know you like my hugs.