Monday, November 8, 2010

Stiehl's Choice: Top 10 Yacht Rock songs

Here they are, don't send me hate mail over this. I know yacht rock fans are an easy going yet passionate bunch. This was inspired by a party we threw at the house back in September. It got rowdy. Yacht Rock was the theme and Yacht Rock came thru that night.....enjoy, please comment with your list.

10) I'm All Right - Kenny LogginsJust an uplifting. Kenny speaks truth to power in this song. We've all felt all right, at one point, only to have people worrying about us. Kenny rises above it all. This was rightfully chosen for Cadyshack. Thanks Loggins.

9) Swept Away - Christopher Cross
Haven't we all been swept away at one time or another? Christopher puts that feeling into song. A song we can all connect with.

8) Shine Sweet Freedom - Michael McDonald
Written in the 80's. A time to celebrate freedom. Used for a movie starring Billy Crystal. The video is a must see. Especially the end, when they're all having beers together, McDonald, Crystal and the other star of that flick.

7) Baby Please Don't Go - Chicago
Peter Cetera's angelic voice begging his love to please don't go makes it at #7. How could any woman (or man) leave Peter Cetera with vocals like that (and hair too).

6) Baker Street - Gerry Rafferty
This song builds nicely. One of the few yacht rock songs that is hard to mock. Nice use of saxophone in the chorus. Well constructed song.

5) Higher Love - Steve Winwood
"Think about it, there must be higher love." A proposition set forth by the ex-band member of Traffic. He's asking you to think about. This song has like 4 bridges and the most fake sounding trumpets ever. The beats sound nice in my car. I'd be lying if I said this song doesn't fire me up.

4) Next Time I Fall in Love - Peter Cetera ft. Amy GrantGood concept. Incredible control of vocals. Amy Grant teams up with the Chicago's ex-frontman for a moving duet.

3) All Right - Christopher CrossCross, singing to a lover, tells her it's gonna be all right in this soft yet upbeat ditty. You can almost move to it. Legend Michael McDonald joins in on the chorus. This one puts a shitty smirk on my face.

2) Sailing - Christopher Cross
Yes, "the canvas can do miracles." Chris paints a scenic and joyous picture of his warm childhood memories of sailing. This song is like water. It just flows. Nice simple piano solo after the second verse and chorus.

1) I Keep Forgettin' - Michael McDonald
Maybe one of my favorite bass lines in any song ever. Yes, and I'm being serious. It was so good it was used in the rap song "Regulate" 15 years after McDonald put it out there. I shake it every time it comes on. Turns out its fun song to dance to drunk with your shirt off at a party. Just a great groove over Michael's smooth voice.

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