Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mallwalking, Michal, and me. (Soft hands get softer)

I'm short on cash this week. I mean, I have enough just to live off of 'til payday. Instead of gallivanting somewhere in my window of time I headed over to mall to look at shoes and mediocre products and clothing.

The mall has a very limited selection of shoes. I checked a few department stores and shoe stores and it's pretty sad. I like looking at shoes and produc's. Sears had some really nice colored green and sky blue docker pants for 10$. If they are there on Friday I'll get 'eem.

(I'm still in awe that department stores are still in business and wonder who shops there.)

Walking through the main section of the Mall towards the other end was a kiosk for dead sea salts. Three years ago I was suckered in there. These ladies are quite aggressive as well as flirty-not to mention hawt. The last time I went I ended up getting stuff. Stuff I ended up using and liking a lot. I never get that stuff. I can't complain. I'm sure it's over priced though. Tweet ripped on me for getting it and being conned, but ended up using it..maybe more than I did. MOTHER!

Michal (Mik hal) came up to me this time. A different girl, but grinning brightly. I guess I fit the appearance for a sucker, or married, most likely sucker (they're not necessarily mutually exclusive). This time I knew what I was dealing with. I knew I had little money. So, I decided to just enjoy the treatment on my soft delicate hands.

She approached me and asked if I was married. I said NEVER. She lured me over to her stand and started talking about the Dead Sea and why it's called the Dead Sea (nothing can survive in it-makes sense). I put the stuff on my hands and began to rub them together. It felt nice and now my hands smell nice.

She asked if I'd ever used lotion before. I smiled and said, "only in special occasions."

She chose to ignore that and continue on. I was trying to throw her off but she stuck to her points. She had a strong Israeli accent too.

When it came time for the sale I had to disappoint her and tell her I had limited cash flow. I politely offered to take her to the ATM so she could read my balance for the week. She seemed sad. I was happy to enjoy the moment and free treatment. Life's short. Live it up.

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  1. Nice one. I got snared there once by this creeper who kept asking if I liked it kinky. I kinda played to him, but it was def weird. By the way, I have some of that lotion at the coffee shop if you want to use it. Actually, you can have it. It smells lovely. I have other lotion I can take to work.