Monday, November 1, 2010

Week-end update: Rockn'Roll, Kutztown Football Game, Mini Steeler Party

I had a swell weekend. I kept it all local.

The band had a show at the Fire Company. We played with 2 great bands, Wet and The Wallace Brothers Band. Set up was around 2pm. I can't lift much, but, I did what I could. Dave Keller did an excellent job with set-up and sound. Lighting was pretty good. I love the Fire Company, but, their lighting is really not appropriate for gigs.
I was a little nervous before hand. There were other parties going on and I had wondered if we'd get a good crowd. We did. We got a very fun lively, drunk, silly, Halloween crowd. Wet opened. They were great.
We played next and it was quite fun. Maybe the most fun I've had up there. Maybe not the tightest I've ever played but people were watching, dancing, and I got sprayed with silly string while playing.
Wallace Brothers closed it all out. We continued to dance. They rocked as well. I thought it was a good mix of bands and a great night.
I slept until 3pm. Got food. Then went to the Kutztown Game with friends. Ever since I've become familiar with their team they've always been pretty pathetic. This year is different. They're undefeated.
The Bears played their West Chester rival and came back from a 10 deficit in the 3rd and 4th quarter. The stadium was a packed. It's a cheap ticket. Well worth it this year.

SundayI had a few friends over to watch the Sunday night game. I made a spicy chicken stew with Caribbean flavors. I used the peppers from my Garden. It worked out well. Most people were able to eat it. I have left-overs for lunch. The Steelers lost cause of a fumble, otherwise it was a good game. I didn't yell at the television.

Now it's Monday.
It'll be nice to have an extra hour next weekend.
For now, things are okay.

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