Monday, November 1, 2010


I'm a repetitive person. I like to repeat some of the same phrases over and over again. Below are some of my favorites used in everyday situations, whether I'm at the house or at the Fire Company. I will list sources if they are known or necessary. These are obviously not original, just redundant. Here we go, enjoy!

God bless. or God Bless! - just a general sentiment of well being passed from me to you. This can also be used as Fu<k you!. It's mostly used when someone is leaving.

How you holdn' up? - a common question, either directed to my drunken friends who have been on a binger, or, the bartender/waitress that looks a little warn out. I'm really curious when I ask this, though its been asked so many times it seems not genuine.

I'm Holdn' Up! - Danny's usual response. Whether it's true or not always remains to be seen.

One Day at a Time - A common response to, "how you doin?" or "how you holdn' up?". I use this in the workplace, at the bar, or  everywhere. This ties into Life's Hard (see below).

Tits up - A friend of mine in the war(s) used this a lot when he came back from his first tour. It means dead. We also use it for passed out or sleeping. I like this one a lot.

Class shows - My father used this a few times, I believe in the late 80's or early 90's when referring to the better football team (in this case Penn State) pulling out the victory in the end. This one has caught on nicely. Thanks dad, I hated you when you said it. (He's always been ahead of the curve).

In your travels - Another gift from dad. My dad, and now I, enjoy dosing on the couch. He didn't wanna be too impolite when asking mom to bring 'eem a drink, so he would preface it, "in your travels, could you bring me a beer"(for instance). This has become very useful at the Fire Company.

Catch as catch can - My aunt used this and it just sounds really silly. It works in almost any situation.

Life's Hard - Life is hard. There is mail, and sometimes knocks on the door. Maybe you need a drink or two to get by. Lots of pressures. "Life's Hard" reiterates this in 2 words. It's the commonly agreed upon position on 233 Noble Street.

'EEM - instead of saying "get him", you say "get 'eem." Maybe a redneck way to say "him". Phil Simms of CBS uses it a lot when announcing football games. My young brother was first to call attention to this and exploit. I soon followed. Now others do.(other examples: "Struck 'eem out", "Buried 'eem!", etc.)

I may add to this later, but for now, this is what I have and what I say at this moment. Feel free to add any I've missed. There have been many in the past that I can't remember now. Help me somebody.


  1. Have i ever been the recipient, of a "fuck you" god bless, out of sheer curiousity? plus there's a grammaitcal error in the- how you holdin' up? segment of your blog. I expect a little more professionalism out of you, or in stiehl vernacular, catch as catch can your errors.

    So go get'eem next time around
    morgan m lawrence esquire

  2. I always thought 'eem was you trying to be Eastern European or something... you are definitely not transparent Mr. Bones. ;)

  3. danny mainly gives me the FU god bless....occasionally i use it when saying goodbye to emil schnore....
    eem is redneck americana, respeck it.