Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Politics/Election Results

Last night was election night. Regardless of what you think about our current system, it is kind of a fun event. It used to have a lot more meaning for me though. Maybe I've grown into an old man. It's tough to take this system seriously. These aren't new or profound words, but the system has come down to money. Seems we vote so we can get stuff. We vote for the candidate who we think will spend money, money which has been taken by coercive means, and put it towards the stuff we think we need.  Whether it's the military industrial complex, faith-based initiatives, health care, public radio or the arts. We all have our grand ideas about how this stolen money should be spent in the most moral and efficient way.

So this brings us to the Tea Party. They're against all that stuff? Maybe.

I think many of the supporters were quite late to the show. The show being Ron Paul's candidacy. While he was mocked by his fellow republicans, RP is probably the most responsible for getting these people started. Unfortunately, Tea Party-ers don't fully endorse his platform. While many of them rail against the authoritarianism of the state, many still hold firmly to the failed war on drugs, the military industrial complex, and the IRS.

I got a little sick when I heard Sean Hannity(maybe the lowest form of human out there) was becoming warm to Rand Paul. That's not a good sign.

So, as these results go, I can be a bit happy that there will be gridlock. The foolish statism that has and is devaluing the currency as we speak may be stopped. On the other hand, strange things happen we people go to Washington. George Bush ran on a small government platform and non-interventionist foreign policy and did the exact opposite, growing government more than Clinton. Will this not happen again if a republican president is elected in two years? Who knows.

So, nobody argues we're in a mess. Much of it brought on by previous administrations, but continued and made worse by this one. We got here by politicians creating unsustainable programs for their constituents and friends, and two expensive wars and military spending. Creating more programs and debt clearly won't solve the problem, just create new ones.

If anything good comes from this it will be the ending of programs we can't afford. I'll believe it when I see it.

(I didn't vote)


  1. Mr. Stiehl I concur with most points of your well written statement. I would like clarifiction on the use of the word state in paragraph 2.
    My point of view on the voting system is somewhat bleak as well. I think we should be able to completely whore out your vote, literaly be able to sell it to the highest bidder, on many points i can argue that this will slove most of the problems with voting to begin with.
    point 1
    all politicans pander to the highest demographic
    point 2
    voter turn out would be the highest in recorded history
    point 3
    they already spend X amount of dollars per person on campaigning and advertising as it stands, might as well line the pockets of your constituents
    point 4
    it would validate an already flawed system with a brutal honesty that america so desperatly needs

  2. "state" as is written in paragraph 2 is generic term for the gov'ment...not Pennsylvania, or others.