Monday, March 26, 2012

Hookah Bar Culture.

I live in a college town on the eastern half of PA. It's a state school and it's a small town. Lots of good things go on in this area, and some of it is related to the university. Would I have just stuck around if this were Hamburg, PA? Probably not.

One frightening trend I've noticed around here is the rise of the Hookah Bar. We walked by one once, after bar hours, it was still open. The room was loungey with an obnoxious flat screen TV in the middle, on the wall. Me and my friends peaked through the window watch people (probably all college students) partake of the hookah. It was as if we were in a zoo looking and the students were animals. The whole scene was ridiculous. We laughed, thinking, what is the appeal of this?

The crowd seemed like typical all american kids, probably ignorant of most things, watching sports (I like watching sports). The women were most like the typical college sluts eager to get with the jock or the prep. Looking on gave me the feeling that if I were to enter this place, my IQ would drop about 40 points just being there.

Maybe I'm sounding like a grumpy old man but it just seems like there are more creative endeavors to take part in at that age than this kind of nonsense. I don't know, I guess the expressions I saw were so mindless for such a stupid activity. There are more enjoyable things out there than flavoured tobacco, right?

Avoid the Hookah Bar, DaintyBones says so!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Busy March.

March has turned out to be a busy month for me so far. It was kind of unexpected, but it's a good kind of busy, not a bad kind. My blogging has dropped off a little bit because I'm not really inspired to write about anything. Please send suggestions to me, about topics you'd like me to write about. For the few out there that read this.

It started out at the first Friday in Bethlehem, at the Dance Party. I danced a little.

We had our first gig with the new bass player this month. It turned out well. It was fun. We played okay. I had a few flubs as usual. Nobody's perfect. We unveiled some new songs that went over pretty well. I'm pretty amazed at how quick everything has been learned.

I have art currently hanging in the local coffee shop, the Uptown Espresso Bar, that will be there the remainder of March. They are mainly paintings of faces. Most are close-ups.

Last week I attended a party.

This Friday is our big Pre-St. Paddy's gig. One of the few highlights of my year, this event is usually a lot of fun. We expect a good crowd. This is at the local Fire Company. We will play another new song for this one. Roughly one-fourth of our tunes will be new ones.

Sadly, due to gas prices, I haven't been cruising all that much. I like to do that this time of year. Instead I've remained in my apartment, just hanging out. Sadly, I don't see things getting much better in that area or the economy, though I hope I'm wrong.

I'm tired.

Monday, March 5, 2012

What I can do....Affirmations.

In a world bombarded by negative thoughts and constant self doubt, sometimes it's good to list positive things about our being. Please feel free to do the same about yourself. This isn't bragging. I'm just reassuring myself that I do have some value as a human living on this planet (yes, I know that's a stretch). Here goes.

1)I usually have good hair.
2)I'm a good dresser
3)I'm very good at ping pong and up until my severe leg injury I wasn't bad at basketball, tennis, and being an all-time quarterback.
4)I can write good songs.
5)I can entertain myself and others.
6)I do genuinely care about those in my community.
7)I'm sensitive (this can be bad)
8)I'm honest.
9)I've matured enough to the point where I don't really care what others do.
10)I'm non-violent (maybe cause I'm small framed)
11)I've endured a pretty good deal of physical (bone) pain since gradeschool.
12)I'm far more aware than I was 10 years ago.
13)I'm a good cook.
14)I'm thankful
15)I've chosen to live in the most excellent place
16)My friends are good caring people (this is more about them, than me)
17)I'm big.
18)I'm a decent frontman.
19)I'm over my social awkwardness.
20)I'm immature.