Thursday, November 11, 2010

My masculinity is defined by what millionaires do on the field.

There was a time in my life when I was a serious football fan. I would follow everything, even the pre-game shows, days before the game. I would watch all of the interviews. It took me a while to realize that athletes say the same things in every interview, despite what team they are on, or what the standings are. They are trained to give all the right answers to the media.

"We're just focusing on this weeks game."
"They're a fine team."
"They're defense is really impressive on film."

If my team lost my whole week was ruined. It put a really big damper on things. Things could be okay but then I'd recall Sunday's game and be saddened. This is not healthy.

Eventually you grow up and deal with your own problems and work at your own life. If not, you remain trapped in the mental illness and vicarious living through your sports team. Luckily, other stuff came along and I grew up. I still watch the game on Sunday but that's it. Three hours a week is okay. If that.

There is a bigger problem though. While most of us grow up and move on to other things, a large amount of people, men, are still worshipping their sports teams and players. We know more about the stats of players than what's going on in government. Instead of getting upset with the raping and pillaging of the treasury, we get ticked off at a bad call in a game.

Alex Jones (whatever you may think of him) thinks pro sports and entertainment in general is a conspiracy. A conspiracy to get our attention off of the abuses of government. Whether it is or not remains to be seen. If it is though, it's working pretty well. If the energy and knowledge about athletes and teams was spent researching the evidence given for the Iraq war would it have happened so easily? Would the bailouts have gone through. Would Obama-care have gone through? Would we have the same pathetic luke warm, puppet candidates we always have running for office, or would we get someone in who was for real change and individual liberty?

These things remain to be seen.

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