Saturday, December 25, 2010

We wish you a dainty Christmas!

Well, its that time of year again. I wanted to let everyone know I survived my road trip out west (Pittsburgh). Traffic was light and it went fast.

I came home to fresh sushi from Whole Foods and a big box of Tea's Tea (green/jasmine).

(Wine party, in Kutztown, photo above with beloved housemates of 233)

It's a low-key Christmas, minimal gift exchanges, etc. I prefer this.

To my surprise my aunt and uncle showed up and we're currently cooking a chicken, lasagna, and some sweet potatoes. I've already finished one big bottle of Tea's Tea. I will enjoy another one on my return trip back east. Everything is quite relaxed. I've been well behaved and I've been sleeping alright.

Upcoming Events of interest to all locals and others who read.
***December 31st @ 233 Noble Street, Kutztown, PA - 8pm - New Year's Party w/French Canadian theme. If this is anything close to the yacht rock party then we're all doomed.

***January 8th @ The Funhouse, Bethlehem, PA - 9pm or so - TQI, Dan McGonagle, and Wet (LIVE MUSIC)

Please show up at any or either....these will be good times...start your 2011 the right way.

Have a good holiday, hopefully it was enjoyed in peace and moderation. Rise above the other bullshit. May we all work towards non violent and non coercive solutions to the problems we face as a country and a world. G-Bless.


Wednesday, December 22, 2010


One of my favorite meals is Peking Duck. My goal for my three-week break is to learn how to cook a Peking Duck. It's a time consuming, but not impossible process.

I did a quick search for ducks and this site came up:

I never thought about it, but raising a duck seems affordable ($4/bird) and doable. This got me pretty excited. Maybe this will be my first pet, that I could end up eating. I then did some research on raising a duck.

I think the biggest obstacle, other than convincing my housemates, would be building a coup or space for the thing to keep 'eem out of harm's way. Dogs, foxes, owls, snapping turtles, and other creatures enjoy eating duck as I do. My other concern would be that the duck would turn into an alcoholic living in our house. I wonder what their tolerance is. Has anyone ever made a duck drunk before?

Aside from all of this, I'd need to check to see if its okay to raise one in our town. Our town has a lot of foolish regulations and I wouldn't be surprised if there was problem with that.

My final plans for this potential duck would be to have the thing slaughtered (tits up), and then cooked in a proper manner, Peking style. I could see this as being a fun project.

I will let you know if I go ahead with this.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Who shops at department stores?

We used to go these places a lot. We had Kauffmann’s, Sears, Hornes, JC Penny and Gimbels. These multi-level stores were/are located downtown or are connected to a big mall. Where I'm living now, we have Boscov’s. These institutions are filled with mediocre high-priced clothing, shoes, sporting goods, furniture, kitchen and god knows what else. Just lots of nicely packaged overpriced material shit ready for consumption.
During Christmas Santa would make a visit. I was always afraid of Santa so I didn’t participate and threw a tantrum when it was my time to go. I was shy and shyness is nice.

I liked looking at the stuff and I liked the snack bar. In the 80's I was always trying to score some corduroy "OP" shorts or a nice stylish Polo oxford or necktie. The upstairs of these places were most likely filled with furniture and televisions. We'd often play hide and seek between the racks of women's clothing when I was even daintier than I am now. These were/are big places and easy to get lost in.

The look and feel of these places doesn't change much. Their clothing selections are so so. Their prices seem to be high in light of this horrible economy and way better selections and prices online.
(((I could get a better deal  on something I grabbed at TJ Maxx, Marshall's or Goodwill.)))

In defense of these places many of them were located in the downtown area and it gave a reason for people to head into the city. As it is now and for many years, we're spread out and many of these mega-stores are parts of malls in the sub burbs which is one of many reasons why many cities are lifeless.

In closing, this was written because I believe it's hard to separate our bastardized Christmas holiday from these types of stores. They both feed off of each other. If I walk these stores now, I get flashbacks to the days when I thought these stores and merchandise were all the rage. Finally, I just find it very hard to see their value in an age where we can shop for everything at our fingertips.

Never underestimate the American public.

Let's move on people. Leave these things behind.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sayings and Expressions that I don't like.

On the radio there was a story going around on a poll done on the expressions Americans hate most. This inspired me to come up with a list of my own. Enjoy.

These are not in any specific order. Some are general, some are political, some are....whatever.

It is what it is.
This gets thrown around a lot as if its some profound statement. I heard an old boss say it once in a business meeting as if she was unveiling something unique.

I had an ah-hah moment!Like they had an epiphany. Maybe it gets said a lot in church basements. I don't like epiphany either. I think Glenn Beck said that the other day. Glenn and Beck are other words I don't like when they're together.

Pro-Life and Pro-ChoiceBullshit terms from both sides of an emotional debate.

Sportsmedia are not too intelligent. They use the same stupid terms as everyone else. No one tries to be original. Playmaker is one of those terms. They had a TV show/sports soap opera on ESPN named Playmakers. Needless to say it was a stupid program.

Another term for legalized theft.

I love you.
Maybe the most abused phrase of all time. Once you confess that to someone you might as well ask them to shit on you 'cause they now have the power.

Homeland Security
Another nice bullshit term from the government. This is used as a really good excuse to spy on people and steal your rights. Shit.

Put that thought out of your mind.
A common phrase my dad would say to kill any idea or far-fetched dream I ever owning a Ferrari. I hated to hear it so much from his voice. He said it quite well. Good delivery dad. I remembered it.

I now think those who bought into it are seeing it for the bullshit it was. Hope was the platform of a presidential of a major country. God help western civilization.

It is what it is. Maybe you had an ah ha moment of sorts while reading this.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A tribute to Larry King.

Probably the most annoying interviewer of our time. He was one of the first hideous beings I encountered when we got cable circa 86-87 on CNN. Turner was huge back then.

I'm not a handsome man, but this Larry King is utterly repulsive. His whole demeanor disgusts me and it's a wonder he's lasted this long. You can never underestimate the taste of the American public. He portrays himself as not having a point of view, but he does. We all do, just be f#ckn honest about it. He hunches over with his tight suspenders and round back (which reminds me I need to sit up straight - I've adjusted my car seat these days).

He looks like a fly or a bug. I just wanna slap him. And I'm not a violent person.

This old nagging bastard of a man has been married like a million times. Apparently he can't keep his #### in his pants. Maybe I'm a little jealous but they were only with him 'cause of his money. Indirect prostitution is what it is. Gawd, who would wanna be interviewed by this ratty man, let alone sleep with him and bare his children. Yes, money goes a looooonnnng way.

I don't watch TV anymore really, aside from sports, but it'll be nice to see this old f#ck fade away as he has brought nothing good or positive to the table. Buh bye Larry!

I can't believe I've lowered myself to write a blog about Larry King. Maybe my next one will be on the Golden Girls or Matlock.


A couple Facts/Sidenotes:
His lastname isn't King(obviously)-
What kind of a creep names themself King? Self-esteem issues? It's like putting a false "von" in your last name.

He named one of his kids Chance
Lame name.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Somedays I feel like trying.

Some days I feel like trying. Pulling my act together and really doing something. I think a lot of my ambition is based on caffeine intake or testosterone treatment, maybe even vitamin D (maybe a good BM too). I think to partake in trying or going for it, you first have to find worth in what your going for. As it stands in my own head, finding worth in anything is a tough task. Everything does pass. Even the most accomplished and respected achievers are either rotting bones, or they will be. A good solid relationship will always end too. Those of you in love, please realize that. ;)

What makes others care, especially here? Right now I'm still focused on basic selfish needs. These needs are paying rent and eating and having a warm comfortable bed. Those are huge things for me. Aside from this I'm just striving to be entertained. Playing music is good and beneficial. Maybe that's something I care about. I really don't want to invite anymore complexity/drama in my life.

I think if I was fighting for something, even my own life, I'd be a lot more motivated and positive. I found myself seeing value in things when I was rehabilitating. I wouldn't be surprised, I'm sure it's already been discovered, that people who have less are more positive. (Not that I have a lot)

Our grandparents, while they weren't all that positive, seemed more motivated than I am now. They had a lot less and a lot more to work towards. What should I do? Buy a house and be enslaved to that structure until I die. Would that make me happier? Should I seek out some poor soul to breed with? Would that make me happier?

I don't feel a strong pull towards any of that.

<<Now that I'm reading this I've noticed my last blog (if anyone read) was death related, and this post is dark too - I blame this on the holiday season. This horrible holiday season. I think you're insane if you find joy in this time of year.>>

I kind of wish I was home right now so I can find a good bed to sleep on for 48 hours. Sleeping is a really good thing. Please excuse this if it sounds like the rant of a high school girl. I assure this is how I'm feeling now. Dainty Bones has spoken.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Preserving the Body after Tits Up.

There are a lot of stupid, irrational, wasteful things we do as humans. I do my fair share of them. One thing that immediately comes to mind is preserving the human body after it dies. To add to this, we put a lifeless corpse in an expensive casket. The casket is then put in the earth and we won't ever see it again. Seems like a waste of money and materials.

(((If you're curious about the history cheque this out: )))

The body now serves no purpose. The casket company took your money. The loved one that died then gets placed in a cemetary with people he/she didn't even know (aside from maybe family). The tombstone company also gets your money. I should've been a mortician.

Then there is the cremation option. You gotta pay for that.

Whatever happened to just putting somebody in a bag and digging a hole about six feet? Do you really need a funeral director and a mortician for this process? The body should be allowed to rot naturally and benefit the earth. A canvas sack or body bag might cost $20.

I'm aware a cold dead body of a friend or family member might be weird to transport. You could hire someone to move the body so you can set up your own service out in the woods or something free of the sterile creepy funeral directors. You could have a jamboree.

If you've never looked at the price of a funeral, check out this page below. It's quite outrageous. Spending more money on a dead body doesn't mean you loved them more than the other family down the hall.

(((A funeral home in Fargo, outrageous prices, but I'm sure these aren't any different than anywhere else. )))

In closing, I hope this blog allowed you to think of other alternatives to the usual costly approach to death. Nothing being said here is outrageous or groundbreaking. This is more of a return to how things used to be before some strange customs and business got a hold of everything.

Enjoy your morbid Monday.

God bless.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Swell slang words that caught my eye.

I was on today and thought you might all enjoy these.
A turd (or shit) the size and shape of a cucumber.
I ate lots of stirfry and shat the biggest doocumber ever.

Someone who is always drunk and acting like a idiot.

-stud fucker
a man who won't give a woman sex when she wants it
when you have sex with, a person that studders, or a person has sex with you, and you have a studder.
You :" Dude, i totally had sex with that chick who studders!"
OtherGuy: "oh man, you had your first studderfuck!"
-student body
A term, usually used in high school, to describe a girl who has sex with a lot of different guys.
An abbreviation of "It's true." A general term of agreement or assent.
-one upper
An annoying person who responds to hearing someone else’s experience or problem by immediately telling a similar story about themselves with a much more fantastic (or terrible) outcome.
-One Woman Circus
A female who has enough personalities to keep you completely occupied. One minute you're labeled gay and the next minute you're labeled a pathological flirt. One minute she's praising the Lord, the next minute she's getting drunk all over the place. Who is she? You will never know because she is a One Woman Circus or also known as a Jack Of All Characters.
-One Wipe Wonder
A crap where you only have to wipe your ass once.
-One-and-a-half Date
Not quite a double date, but not exactly a date either. It's when you invite someone out on a date, and they pull a defensive maneuver and bring a friend along, as a date shield.
to wipe your dirty ass with your index, middle and ring fingers in unison. Typically one does this when there is no toilet paper or suitable substitution available.
-Is it in yet?
Term used to indicate a small penis size, so small that the woman can not feel it in her vagina.
Possibly the worst sentence you can expect to hear from your sexual partner - save from "Surprise! I have AIDS!".
everything above is from:

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A tribute to Tom Dempsey.

I had nightmares about this dude ever since they showed a clip of his record setting winning field goal.

The dude was born with no toes (life's hard) and half an arm (you don't need arms to kick field goals). He was a straight on field goal kicker, as opposed to soccer style. There are no straight on field goal kickers anymore in the NFL.

On November 8, 1970, he kicked a 63-yard field goal (this record was tied in the late 90s) to beat the Lions at the end of the game. Some thought he had an unfair advantage because he had no toes. He probably did.

"In 1977, the NFL added a rule, informally known as the "Tom Dempsey Rule," that "any shoe that is worn by a player with an artificial limb on his kicking leg must have a kicking surface that conforms to that of a normal kicking shoe."[3][4]"

Watch the video on youtube if you don't believe me. (enjoy!)

Monday, December 6, 2010

My first crush was on white trash with bug bites.

We lived in a neighborhood in a mid-sized American city. We played on the streets and alleys. The alleys provided an ideal venue for intense wiffle ball games, bike riding, and other mischief. Across our alley lived a peculiar family. They had a daughter my age. (I won't name names)

As was in my family, maybe a lot of families, the young ins got teased for showing any sort of love or affection towards anything of the opposite sex. My father took full advantage of that, as well as my older brother and sister. They showed NO mercy. They sang songs and sought to humiliate me for spending time with someone I had secretly considered a girlfriend.

So this girl across the alley was quite a unique being. For one thing she was skinnier than I was (maybe malnourished) and she had bites of some sort all over her body. She had a brother too. They both talked weird. Her father looked like a crazy alcoholic. My mother once asked her father where he was walking too and with this creepy look on his face he smiled and said he was getting a "sip of the vine". I distinctly remember this.

Me being the mature four year old, I was able to see beyond the neglect and maybe even abuse her parents had put them through. I saw her as a human being; an equal. We clicked immediately and I would even eat dinner over there. Her brother had to sit on phonebooks. We'd play games and everything was swell.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on your stance, my brother and sister's influence of teasing me and that family won out. This may have been my very first moral dilemma. Do I stick with a good loyal friend/partner, or do I heed the words of my older siblings who were obviously wiser than me? Plus I liked making them laugh.

I chose the less dignified route and began to betray/harass my first girlfriend. (This instance here maybe set in motion a long line destructive decisions I've made)

This eventually ended with her taking a swing at me. Crying soon followed. I think her grandma called me a baby which is the worst insult a five year old could ever get. That made me cry more.

I had it coming to me as I provoked the whole thing. This was justice in its most pure form. I wasn't crying over being physically hurt I was crying because someone I had cared about wanted to hurt me. Maybe part of me was crying because I knew I was to blame for this.

Looking back, I may not have been fully aware that  I was being manipulated by the "powers that be." Of course no one punished my older brother and sister for this. And they weren't there when that bony fist connected with my scrawny gut.

((side note: I'm sure this whole event made my granddad (who was living with us) and my dad proud that their boy got slugged by the most undernourished girl in the hood))

This was the first of many times being slugged by a girl. I expect more are on the way. I've been able to compose myself better since that first initial hit.


Thursday, December 2, 2010

If I had my own personal ad it would read...

SWDM seeking F

Dainty, depressed, nasally, anxiety ridden thirty something male who walks with a limp, dresses nice and has good hair but has questionable health/habits looking for anything 18-57 years old that isn't a male and that isn't overweight (nice breasts preferred a plus). If you are willing to spend time at the fire company, hear me talk about myself, ridicule others, and take redundant verbal abuse and laugh at it, than you're the one for me. You should also have a full supply of earplugs 'cause my snoring (gagging) is out of site. Hope to hear from you soon, god bless, call me at #########!

I don't care for Christmas.

The puritans banned it. I'm not a big advocate of banning anything but maybe this was a good idea.

As a kid I liked it a lot. It was an excuse to ask for things. The whole thing turned me into a greedy little bitch. I went to catholic school and there were some rich kids in the class. I always felt in competition with them for the coolest stuff. Then you would gather with your friends and tell them what you got. If it was a slow Christmas then you felt embarrassed. Thankfully many of my Christmas wishes came through. If not by my parents then my older bro and sis. Looking back I wonder who the hell was I to be that demanding.

This was and is the culture though. It's probably worse now. One of thousands of reasons I will not have kids.

Then there is the music. Most of it gets old fast. It instantly depresses me. It immediately brings regretful feelings.

<<<Christmas mass was always fun to serve as there was lots of incense and pageantry.>>>

Thankfully my family has done away with most of the shit and stress surrounding the holiday. I guess that's natural as heads get older. Nowadays we eat together and get a cabin at a ski resort. It's very laid back. Simple approach.

As much as I don't care for this holiday and the present thingy I will list some memorable gifts that I have received:

1) Authentic Seattle Seahawks Jersey with my last name on the back (1985)
2) Donkey Kong for Atari (early 80's)
3) Fisher Price Tape recorder - which I broke playing Lionel Ritchie's - Can't Slow Down(early 80's)
4) Tabletop hockey game with levers controlling/spinning players (88 I think)
5) Miniature pool table (1989)

Feel free to reply and post memorable gifts.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Blogs are Horrible.

Q-Why are blogs horrible?

A-Because in most cases they are written by people who like to talk about themselves and their own experiences. If you were to gather all of the words I've put down in the month or so I've been on here you wouldn't find many meaningful statements. What you would find is me talking about myself. I hope this is entertaining because it's not informative. It must be something because I keep getting hits. Maybe my friends are being nice and catering to my self indulgence.

I don't think this blog sh!+ would've been too popular fifty years ago. Back when people did real things with their lives. Substance mattered a lot more. Before entertainment and media became fluff driven. Fluff is a big thing these days. Blogs are an extension of that. Facebook and Myspace too.

A society of fluff.

For some reason along the way I decided to be, or, maybe I always was self absorbed and this is what I write about. This is nothing to brag about. I should be ashamed. This isn't virtuous behavior. I rant about stuff and a handful of friends and a few others from around the globe (we're now into Germany and Slovenia) read it. And I get off on viewing all my hits.

Thanks for reading my stuffs. I will continue to write meaningless sh!+.

Truth to Power: Thank you Mr. Julian Assange

I like what he is doing. There should be more transparency in government. If we had a couple Julian Assanges in my town we'd be in good shape.

America has been on an imperialistic rampage since about the 1950s or so, even before then. We've done a lot of bad things including Operation Ajax and Operation Gladio. There are many others. Maybe this will level the playing field or at least keep them "honest". Maybe this will make the US a little more cautious. We don't want to hear about our troops killing innocent civilians sometimes or that the casualties in Iraq are over 100,000. We block that stuff out. It should be addressed and talked about more. I'm hoping this information will change naive and trusting perceptions of our government/military/foreign policy.

There was some good stuff on Hillary Clinton ordering US diplomats to spy on UN Leaders. I've always despised Hillary Clinton. She seems like a power hungry sociopath (like most in politics). Evidently, she got fingerprints and credit card numbers on people. Creepy, but not unexpected.

This is a nice role reversal. After the Patriot Act in 2001 and all the surveillance and even now the molestation from government on its slaves (I mean citizens), via the TSA, its quite refreshing to see powers caught with their junk out. Take note of how they're reacting towards this. They want Assange dead. This is how power works and it's killed many in the past who have had secrets or appear as threats.

I've concluded after about twenty years of following politics and just experiencing life that the worst and most vile souls pursue politics and power. There are exceptions to everything. But those who think that they can manage a large diverse country are ego trippin. Thank you Mr. Assange and I hope you survive to put more of this stuff out there. Bless and keep.

Check the links below for meaningful information on all of this.,8599,2033771,00.html

other past covert government nonsense, enjoy!