Saturday, December 25, 2010

We wish you a dainty Christmas!

Well, its that time of year again. I wanted to let everyone know I survived my road trip out west (Pittsburgh). Traffic was light and it went fast.

I came home to fresh sushi from Whole Foods and a big box of Tea's Tea (green/jasmine).

(Wine party, in Kutztown, photo above with beloved housemates of 233)

It's a low-key Christmas, minimal gift exchanges, etc. I prefer this.

To my surprise my aunt and uncle showed up and we're currently cooking a chicken, lasagna, and some sweet potatoes. I've already finished one big bottle of Tea's Tea. I will enjoy another one on my return trip back east. Everything is quite relaxed. I've been well behaved and I've been sleeping alright.

Upcoming Events of interest to all locals and others who read.
***December 31st @ 233 Noble Street, Kutztown, PA - 8pm - New Year's Party w/French Canadian theme. If this is anything close to the yacht rock party then we're all doomed.

***January 8th @ The Funhouse, Bethlehem, PA - 9pm or so - TQI, Dan McGonagle, and Wet (LIVE MUSIC)

Please show up at any or either....these will be good times...start your 2011 the right way.

Have a good holiday, hopefully it was enjoyed in peace and moderation. Rise above the other bullshit. May we all work towards non violent and non coercive solutions to the problems we face as a country and a world. G-Bless.


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