Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A tribute to Larry King.

Probably the most annoying interviewer of our time. He was one of the first hideous beings I encountered when we got cable circa 86-87 on CNN. Turner was huge back then.

I'm not a handsome man, but this Larry King is utterly repulsive. His whole demeanor disgusts me and it's a wonder he's lasted this long. You can never underestimate the taste of the American public. He portrays himself as not having a point of view, but he does. We all do, just be f#ckn honest about it. He hunches over with his tight suspenders and round back (which reminds me I need to sit up straight - I've adjusted my car seat these days).

He looks like a fly or a bug. I just wanna slap him. And I'm not a violent person.

This old nagging bastard of a man has been married like a million times. Apparently he can't keep his #### in his pants. Maybe I'm a little jealous but they were only with him 'cause of his money. Indirect prostitution is what it is. Gawd, who would wanna be interviewed by this ratty man, let alone sleep with him and bare his children. Yes, money goes a looooonnnng way.

I don't watch TV anymore really, aside from sports, but it'll be nice to see this old f#ck fade away as he has brought nothing good or positive to the table. Buh bye Larry!

I can't believe I've lowered myself to write a blog about Larry King. Maybe my next one will be on the Golden Girls or Matlock.


A couple Facts/Sidenotes:
His lastname isn't King(obviously)-
What kind of a creep names themself King? Self-esteem issues? It's like putting a false "von" in your last name.

He named one of his kids Chance
Lame name.

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