Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I think my break from blogging has ended. There shall be more non insightful posts coming soon. Thanks to those who keep reading. I'm quite surprised at the popularity of the "time portal" blog. That seems to constantly be getting hits.

To keep you all posted, if anyone cares, I had a good holiday. I saw the family out west (PA), and we threw an outrageous New Years Party for those in K-town. We had some very special guests from the Lehigh Valley too. The party didn't end til 5am.

Turns out I wasn't motivated enough to make Peking Duck. I'd still like to learn how to make that.

We had a few great gigs and are looking forward to others. New songs are being generated as we speak. One song is about sleeping the other one is about nervousness.

I got to see the Steelers, my favorite all-time sports team get to their 8th Superbowl, and I got to hear a few Eagles fans whine about it. Those guys never learn. As exciting as that all was, it's important to always remember it really has no impact on my life, aside from some excitement. Kind of like the babes.

We had a nice break and now its back to work. Keep hitting this site for new posts.


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