Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Blogs are Horrible.

Q-Why are blogs horrible?

A-Because in most cases they are written by people who like to talk about themselves and their own experiences. If you were to gather all of the words I've put down in the month or so I've been on here you wouldn't find many meaningful statements. What you would find is me talking about myself. I hope this is entertaining because it's not informative. It must be something because I keep getting hits. Maybe my friends are being nice and catering to my self indulgence.

I don't think this blog sh!+ would've been too popular fifty years ago. Back when people did real things with their lives. Substance mattered a lot more. Before entertainment and media became fluff driven. Fluff is a big thing these days. Blogs are an extension of that. Facebook and Myspace too.

A society of fluff.

For some reason along the way I decided to be, or, maybe I always was self absorbed and this is what I write about. This is nothing to brag about. I should be ashamed. This isn't virtuous behavior. I rant about stuff and a handful of friends and a few others from around the globe (we're now into Germany and Slovenia) read it. And I get off on viewing all my hits.

Thanks for reading my stuffs. I will continue to write meaningless sh!+.

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