Wednesday, December 22, 2010


One of my favorite meals is Peking Duck. My goal for my three-week break is to learn how to cook a Peking Duck. It's a time consuming, but not impossible process.

I did a quick search for ducks and this site came up:

I never thought about it, but raising a duck seems affordable ($4/bird) and doable. This got me pretty excited. Maybe this will be my first pet, that I could end up eating. I then did some research on raising a duck.

I think the biggest obstacle, other than convincing my housemates, would be building a coup or space for the thing to keep 'eem out of harm's way. Dogs, foxes, owls, snapping turtles, and other creatures enjoy eating duck as I do. My other concern would be that the duck would turn into an alcoholic living in our house. I wonder what their tolerance is. Has anyone ever made a duck drunk before?

Aside from all of this, I'd need to check to see if its okay to raise one in our town. Our town has a lot of foolish regulations and I wouldn't be surprised if there was problem with that.

My final plans for this potential duck would be to have the thing slaughtered (tits up), and then cooked in a proper manner, Peking style. I could see this as being a fun project.

I will let you know if I go ahead with this.


  1. hi buddy , I have raised ducks several times now so if you want to talk more I am here for you. You cannot have ducks & chickens in town. Ducks NEED water to swim around in & they dirty it quite fast.. so I don't want to rain on your happy peking parade but I don't think you can pull it off.. ducks are a pure delight to raise, live with & eat. I love ducks. and pekings are my favorite-kind of like huge white cuddly cats..

  2. it's comments like this that make me want to raise ducks....that's it, i'm doin' it. please don't ever try to piss on my parade again but thanx for reading my blog.