Thursday, December 9, 2010

Swell slang words that caught my eye.

I was on today and thought you might all enjoy these.
A turd (or shit) the size and shape of a cucumber.
I ate lots of stirfry and shat the biggest doocumber ever.

Someone who is always drunk and acting like a idiot.

-stud fucker
a man who won't give a woman sex when she wants it
when you have sex with, a person that studders, or a person has sex with you, and you have a studder.
You :" Dude, i totally had sex with that chick who studders!"
OtherGuy: "oh man, you had your first studderfuck!"
-student body
A term, usually used in high school, to describe a girl who has sex with a lot of different guys.
An abbreviation of "It's true." A general term of agreement or assent.
-one upper
An annoying person who responds to hearing someone else’s experience or problem by immediately telling a similar story about themselves with a much more fantastic (or terrible) outcome.
-One Woman Circus
A female who has enough personalities to keep you completely occupied. One minute you're labeled gay and the next minute you're labeled a pathological flirt. One minute she's praising the Lord, the next minute she's getting drunk all over the place. Who is she? You will never know because she is a One Woman Circus or also known as a Jack Of All Characters.
-One Wipe Wonder
A crap where you only have to wipe your ass once.
-One-and-a-half Date
Not quite a double date, but not exactly a date either. It's when you invite someone out on a date, and they pull a defensive maneuver and bring a friend along, as a date shield.
to wipe your dirty ass with your index, middle and ring fingers in unison. Typically one does this when there is no toilet paper or suitable substitution available.
-Is it in yet?
Term used to indicate a small penis size, so small that the woman can not feel it in her vagina.
Possibly the worst sentence you can expect to hear from your sexual partner - save from "Surprise! I have AIDS!".
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  1. <-- Thanks to this video I learned Tai Mei from Urban Dictionary.
    Tai Tien, Muy Bien.

  2. i like doocumber. new favorite word. thanks.