Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sayings and Expressions that I don't like.

On the radio there was a story going around on a poll done on the expressions Americans hate most. This inspired me to come up with a list of my own. Enjoy.

These are not in any specific order. Some are general, some are political, some are....whatever.

It is what it is.
This gets thrown around a lot as if its some profound statement. I heard an old boss say it once in a business meeting as if she was unveiling something unique.

I had an ah-hah moment!Like they had an epiphany. Maybe it gets said a lot in church basements. I don't like epiphany either. I think Glenn Beck said that the other day. Glenn and Beck are other words I don't like when they're together.

Pro-Life and Pro-ChoiceBullshit terms from both sides of an emotional debate.

Sportsmedia are not too intelligent. They use the same stupid terms as everyone else. No one tries to be original. Playmaker is one of those terms. They had a TV show/sports soap opera on ESPN named Playmakers. Needless to say it was a stupid program.

Another term for legalized theft.

I love you.
Maybe the most abused phrase of all time. Once you confess that to someone you might as well ask them to shit on you 'cause they now have the power.

Homeland Security
Another nice bullshit term from the government. This is used as a really good excuse to spy on people and steal your rights. Shit.

Put that thought out of your mind.
A common phrase my dad would say to kill any idea or far-fetched dream I ever owning a Ferrari. I hated to hear it so much from his voice. He said it quite well. Good delivery dad. I remembered it.

I now think those who bought into it are seeing it for the bullshit it was. Hope was the platform of a presidential of a major country. God help western civilization.

It is what it is. Maybe you had an ah ha moment of sorts while reading this.

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