Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Who shops at department stores?

We used to go these places a lot. We had Kauffmann’s, Sears, Hornes, JC Penny and Gimbels. These multi-level stores were/are located downtown or are connected to a big mall. Where I'm living now, we have Boscov’s. These institutions are filled with mediocre high-priced clothing, shoes, sporting goods, furniture, kitchen and god knows what else. Just lots of nicely packaged overpriced material shit ready for consumption.
During Christmas Santa would make a visit. I was always afraid of Santa so I didn’t participate and threw a tantrum when it was my time to go. I was shy and shyness is nice.

I liked looking at the stuff and I liked the snack bar. In the 80's I was always trying to score some corduroy "OP" shorts or a nice stylish Polo oxford or necktie. The upstairs of these places were most likely filled with furniture and televisions. We'd often play hide and seek between the racks of women's clothing when I was even daintier than I am now. These were/are big places and easy to get lost in.

The look and feel of these places doesn't change much. Their clothing selections are so so. Their prices seem to be high in light of this horrible economy and way better selections and prices online.
(((I could get a better deal  on something I grabbed at TJ Maxx, Marshall's or Goodwill.)))

In defense of these places many of them were located in the downtown area and it gave a reason for people to head into the city. As it is now and for many years, we're spread out and many of these mega-stores are parts of malls in the sub burbs which is one of many reasons why many cities are lifeless.

In closing, this was written because I believe it's hard to separate our bastardized Christmas holiday from these types of stores. They both feed off of each other. If I walk these stores now, I get flashbacks to the days when I thought these stores and merchandise were all the rage. Finally, I just find it very hard to see their value in an age where we can shop for everything at our fingertips.

Never underestimate the American public.

Let's move on people. Leave these things behind.

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