Thursday, December 2, 2010

I don't care for Christmas.

The puritans banned it. I'm not a big advocate of banning anything but maybe this was a good idea.

As a kid I liked it a lot. It was an excuse to ask for things. The whole thing turned me into a greedy little bitch. I went to catholic school and there were some rich kids in the class. I always felt in competition with them for the coolest stuff. Then you would gather with your friends and tell them what you got. If it was a slow Christmas then you felt embarrassed. Thankfully many of my Christmas wishes came through. If not by my parents then my older bro and sis. Looking back I wonder who the hell was I to be that demanding.

This was and is the culture though. It's probably worse now. One of thousands of reasons I will not have kids.

Then there is the music. Most of it gets old fast. It instantly depresses me. It immediately brings regretful feelings.

<<<Christmas mass was always fun to serve as there was lots of incense and pageantry.>>>

Thankfully my family has done away with most of the shit and stress surrounding the holiday. I guess that's natural as heads get older. Nowadays we eat together and get a cabin at a ski resort. It's very laid back. Simple approach.

As much as I don't care for this holiday and the present thingy I will list some memorable gifts that I have received:

1) Authentic Seattle Seahawks Jersey with my last name on the back (1985)
2) Donkey Kong for Atari (early 80's)
3) Fisher Price Tape recorder - which I broke playing Lionel Ritchie's - Can't Slow Down(early 80's)
4) Tabletop hockey game with levers controlling/spinning players (88 I think)
5) Miniature pool table (1989)

Feel free to reply and post memorable gifts.

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