Wednesday, June 29, 2011

"One day at a time."

This isn't a post about the series starring Valarie Bertinelli (van Halen) in the 70's.

I use this expression "one day at a time," when people ask me how I'm doing. I'm not a 12 stepper though I have great respect for that class of peoples. (I like when people say they "respect" things, there's something silly about that)

I think it started in my working professional life. Generally people ask you how you're doing with little regard for the answer. They don't want to hear that you're insecure, depressed and constantly in physical and/or emotional pain. That would be a more honest answer/approach.

I think half the people that ask that don't even listen to the answer. Those kind of people bug me and I've always avoided them. These aren't the people I associate with on the job. On the other hand (boom boom), they probably see people like me as inappropriate for sharing such honest feelings in corporate environs. They would most likely suggest I get a counselor or a girlfriend. Both seem unattainable at this point, or at least unwanted.

I've been truthful when confronted with this question only to get weird vibes back from the questioner. It's as if I've burdened them. Truthfully, I guess I've felt burdened too when people unwind about their shit to me, or I feel like I've opened a can of worms. But, even though I'm honest I still try to keep it somewhat brief and to the point, not drawn out. Please don't assume I've given them my life story when they ask me. I don't do that and I'm too self-aware to do that.

So, to make matters simple for all parties involved, when I'm walking down the hall of the Institute, I'll generally just respond to "how are you doing" by saying "one day at a time." This really takes the pressure off. If someone is clever or cares they might give a follow-up question or call me on it. This is one way I determine if someone is really listening or thinking about what I said. A little test of mine, if you will.

Please feel free to try this at your workplace and play around with various inflections and moods when you utter the response, "one day at a time."

(I'll explain "God bless" in my next blog)

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