Saturday, July 9, 2011

My home vacation

It's 6am and I haven't slept. Before your mind wanders I only had 2 drinks tonight and didn't go out all too late. I was in my room by 2am.

During this time I was supposed to be in New England. I changed my mind. I'm staying in this area.

One of the charms of vacationing are comfortable hotel rooms. I already have an awesome bed and just decided I'd clean my room and bathroom. So, now there is floorspace, I have a new (used) HDTV and I can pretend I'm in a Connecticut Econo Lodge.

The Fire company is just a minute walk (or hobble) from my house and they serve a solid fish 'n' chips to really complete the vibe.

I won't have to worry about paying for gas (yeah, I know it's coming down, but it's still expensive) and I won't have to deal with I-95. This means less wear and tear on my car which runs fine but could soon have issues being over 110, 000 miles. With the money I save maybe I'll take preventative steps for the Mazda3 and catch up on bills.

There are other side projects I have going on and coming up so I also vow to make serious dents into those. I will miss the New England scenery and attitude but it's just kind of nice bumming around the home town without a care in the world.

Oh yeah, and I got a perm.

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