Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer Approaches

It's warming. Allergies are on the rise. Yes. It's true. Summer is coming on.

Usually when this happens I think back to last summer and what (or who) I did. I try to make plans to make the most of the season too. I'm a big boy now with a car and money and nothing can really stop me from doing what I want (aside from some silly government regulations). I think we take this for granted when we become adults, or we fail to realize that there really are no rules for anything.

My plans for an east coast road trip are shaping up and I found a good who will ride along. Looks like New England is the destination. There will be many points along the way. Possible points of interest will be northern New Jersey, New London, CT (my place of birth), Rhode Island, and other spots. Nothing has been nailed down. God willing, gas prices will at least stay the same, but who the hell knows. Don't get me started on the declining dollar. That's another blog.

Another thing summer brings out, at least in me, is a change, or an increased interest in cooking. Last summer it was mastering the atomic habanero burrito, now it's been on to tacos. Last night I made an outstanding green sauce with canned tomatillos (don't judge). The skirt steak turned out perfect. I stood around the kitchen listening to Abba and inhaling my own food like an animal. This is what I enjoy.

The one downer for summers is the immense heat and allergies. We have bad air here in Berks county, PA, and now it clearly affects me. I was not able to enjoy my June 2nd birthday as much cause I was sick. It's finally clearing up though, and a good friend is letting me borrow her AC for the summer so I should be fine, yet.

Our band continues to create some pretty amazing stuff, and this is most responsible for my happiness and well mental state. We look forward to nailing down new tunes, and getting into the studio to record other less new tunes. We're finally mixing our recorded stuff from 2008. Yes 2008. We're quite pleased and I like my vocals on this. Usually I'm not comfortable with my vocals. It'll be nice to finally get out there.

Aside from this, I'm trying to pick up new design projects on the side, and maybe do a little drawing and painting, and also trying to turn this blog into a book. A book with pretty designs and drawings but essentially about nothing.

May your summer be filled with projects, parties and hi-jinx, and run a little game on the side as the chicks are in heat this time o' year. Bless n keep.

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