Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Thespian Approach.

There's a group of people out there we refer to as thespians. I'm not talking about legitimate actors and actresses. It's a sort of subculture. These thespians appear in any race, color, creed, sexual orientation (or preference - if that's what you prefer). The unique thing that links them all together is they're love of needless drama and playing it up in the most peculiar yet harmless way.

I knew a kid in college, maybe two kids that were thespians. The one that comes to mind is a fellow that spoke very much Keanu Reeves and had this strong vibe. He was very guarded as most thespians are. You got the feeling that anything that came out of his mouth was boldly insincere and his sense of humor was generic and official, lacking any sort of cleverness - though it was packaged in a faux clever way. At the time I didn't pay much attention to this as I was just trying to get through my coursework. But looking back, he was quite a character.

It's important to remember that you will never truly know a thespian. You may share connecting points during a chat but that's about it. Don't try to understand him or her.

Another thespian me and a friend came across was a soundguy at a Philadelphia music venue. He was an older ratty looking dude (probably how I'll end up, if I make it), wearing all black sneakers, jeans and a T-shirt. We were discussing with him our equipment set-up and what we needed and he dramatically flailed his arms up, walked away, and mumbled something in his ratty voice. Me and my friend looked at each, knowing he was a thespian. The next minute the thespian was fine, hard at work setting sound up. But he needed to flail his arms. The inner thespian came out. He was now at peace. He expressed himself. Mini-Broadway if you will, at a run down bar on Girard Ave.

What You Need to Know About Thespians!
  • They need attention.
  • Some thrive at Rennasaince Fairs.
  • They can be nostalgic to an unhealthy extent.
  • They are harmless.
  • You will never truly know a thesbian.
  • They tend to be bad dressers.
  • Some are into D&D, but not all D&D'ers are thespians (create a ven diagram if you're confused)
I sincerely hope this blog shed a little light on the thespian mindset/approach. Please recognize this when you come across it and act superficially polite. The key is knowledge and knowing what you're dealing with. Act wise. Play the vibe.


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