Thursday, June 9, 2011

Where should I go?

I have time off coming up? 12 days. I'm working with a limited budget, but, as much as I love Kutztown, I need to get out for a week or so. Kutztown is on the east coast. Three hours or less from NYC, Philly, DC, and Balt'more.

I don't wanna go to the city.

It's also near the beach.

I don't want to go the beach.

Last year at this time I did a quick jaunt to Quebec. Made it to Quebec City. That's 11 hours on the road. Gas prices what they are makes me not want to do that. Montreal and Quebec are always nice. Especially in July. Part of me still wants to do this. I ended up staying at a cool Inn on the St. Lawrence. I'm not sure how I found it. It was cheap. But kind of creepy.

Quebec City

Go to Quebec Tourisme if you want detailed info.

NORTH/NORTHWESTI have a friend in Rochester, New York. (which is northwest of Kutztown). Five or six years we made many trips to Niagara Falls, and also Toronto ("T dot"). Haven't been there in forever. Seems like yesterday.

Rochester is a sort of  a depressed area. It's flat and sits on a polluted lake. Oddly enough, it has some really outstanding salmon fly fishing. Don't eat the fish.

Ro cha cha

I also have a friend in Seattle, but in light of nuclear situation in Japan, I don't want any increased exposure to radiation. Plus I hate flying, unless it's to Europe.

Seattle was a neat town. I liked that they had sushi everywhere. It has a weird Northwestern vibe. There are some nice statist National Parks, not to far away.

Se attle

WESTPittsburgh is west. It's over a four hour drive. I will be heading there shortly after vacation. My mom's getting a knee replacement.


I'm not interested in going anywhere south. Sorry.

I was just in Jersey two weeks ago. I'm sure it's more packed now. New England could be an option. Roughly a four hour drive from here. Nice towns. Not sure if the maple syrup is ready yet. I don't eat crabs they're unclean.

New England

These are the immediate options that came to mind as I just started to think about it. Please list suggestions if you have any. Please don't suggest I go to hell.

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