Monday, June 6, 2011

18 Things about 35

Some things I've gathered about myself and the world upon turning 35. Some may feel the same or differently about many of these points, enjoy:

  1. What I want is most important
  2. Sex/Women/dating/are of little or no importance and tend to complicate things.
  3. I know more and I know what I don't know and I try to be honest about both
  4. My hair is my best feature.
  5. My songs are okay.
  6. I can be funny.
  7. I'm far more optimistic than I pretend (not to be).
  8. There is nothing wrong with wanting to feel good.
  9. The less to worry about the happier I am.
  10. You can use mental quirks to your advantage.
  11. Never play politics at work.
  12. Authoritarianism, Imperialism and centralization of powers is always unsustainable.
  13. I do have a code that I go by, but it has most to do with what makes me the most safe and comfortable.
  14. The best way to get rid of mental depression is taking on a project...creative or otherwise. keeping busy.
  15. Alcohol doesn't make me feel any better.
  16. I'm part of a really good neighborhood/community, and that contributes greatly to my mental well being and good vibes.
  17. I'm more confident.
  18. There is some greater force or power doing things behind the scenes. We may never know the motives of that thing/being/etc. It might be a bad idea to try to fight against it. I don't speak of flesh and blood.


  1. Altho... I wonder if these are too wordy to be turned into stiehlisms... ?

  2. we'll have to refine the list for DaintyBones, the book.....which will trump jasko's project.