Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Scorn of the Rings

There are a lot of things I despise fashion wise including gold necklaces and bracelets, tattoos and even soul patches. And, well, way up there on my list are rings (especially on men, but in general). I guess it started in the 90s when I noticed people wearing thumb rings. I swear I wanted to knock out each and every one of them, male and female alike. If I could.

I associate rings with decadence and royalty. People adorning themselves and spending cash on something that serves no purpose whatsoever is not something I like. Please understand, that I understand it is their right to look foolish. I have the right to dis it and rant about it on this unpopular, substance-less, whiny blog.

My dad never wears and he loves my mother as much as any other husband. The strong silent type don't wear rings.

Who wears rings?
The pope and bishops and cardinals wear rings. The nazis had military rings. People in high school will buy their class ring. Let's not forget the masons, they too have rings. All evil, up to no good. Flamboyantly flaunting wealth/power and/or knowledge of secret mysteries and/or prestige. It's vile and it needs to stop.

(side note: some people will actually fly to the Vatican to kiss the Pope's ring. WTF?)

I can tolerate (not that it matters) married people wearing rings but I still wouldn't do it if I were married. A simple/plain ring is all that's required. My mom has a very plain ring that serves the purpose. Other than this, no one should wear rings ever)

Please take off your rings after reading this blog. You now have the appropriate knowledge to move forward. Keep a plain and simple humble approach. Jewelry is for the insecure and small minded.

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