Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Good Time Charlie

(What a weird expression.)

Maybe Charlie really knows what's going. He was probably hurt in the past, found it a drain, and decided to live life in a fun casual way. He realizes the fragility of relationships and wishes not to partake, for the deeper they grow, the greater chance of larger destruction. Not worth it. He just wants to free but not necessarily alone. Charlie has "no skin in the game."

He may have some mental quirks and at times be off putting to most of the civilized world but he keeps going, in search of a good time. No commitment. He doesn't want to harm himself seriously by partaking in big fun, but at the same time, he doesn't see himself going much past fifty years old, if that.

He's happy to be alive and delighted he didn't start a family because most of his offspring would probably be fucked in one or more ways, like he is. He doesn't want to have to deal or take care of that (he probably couldn't have a dog for more than three weeks). He's content in solitude and likes his bed best and sleep.

He was given a lot, which allows him a little security and more space to make semi-reckless decisions, but on the downside he isn't creating any wealth or a future, like most Americans. It's more of a "taking" approach, as opposed to "giving" or "building" or "creating."

He tries to be a help, in his own minor way, but generally his biggest concern is his own comfort and well-being and getting enough sleep - and he knows this. He has his bars/taverns and his group of people he can repeat obscene juvenile homo-erotic humor to on regular basis and this never seems to get old.

He knows himself well, and knows what he wants. Which is very little from anyone else.

Life can be hard, when you're livin easy.