Thursday, February 14, 2013

I Got Quoted!

Every now and then I Google "Dainty Bones" to see what comes up. And usually there are just links to this blog and various blog entries. No big deal.

Last week I did this and I saw a quote of mine regarding Jazz Guitarists come on a couple other websites I have no connection to. One of them was British. That was nice. (British people are nice when they're NOT butchering or colonizing peoples) Yeah, these 2 other sites barely get any hits either, but it was cool to see some folks I didn't know (unless they were friends trying to boost my self esteem, or an impersonal drone ) enjoy a little rant of mine so much they bothered to put it up on their own pages.

Large amounts of readers would be nice, but I never got into this thankless business of writing blogs (from the heart - to you) for the numbers or money game. If I've moved or changed the path of just one soul, then I've done my job.

Where I've been quoted:

(I don't endorse or condemn these sites)
More information to back up the ultimate truth that I am indeed a pathelic little attention whore.

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