Friday, February 1, 2013

For Dudes: The Importance of Glamour Shots

I think it's healthy for most males to go through, what some might call, a narcissistic phase. Most of the time this phase occurs after manhood has been full realized and confidence and comfort in one's own skin is achieved. One shouldn't be considered a Prima Donna for going through such a self absorbed period, instead, this energy should, and often times is, channelled through the fine tangible result of the glamour shot.

Because of the rigid gender distinctions we make in this most cold and cruel world, most people associate the "glamour shot" with women. This is wrong. Men can be just be as glamorous and full of their own looks, and this is not bad. Another common, yet false assumption is that one needs to shell out cash to a professional photographer for a good glamour shot. No need. Use your cell or ask your mother to take the picture.

I once had a friend from out of state,. This guy was no sissy. He had his mother take at least 20 photos of him in various poses. Some were shirtless, some were from the outdoors, but all of them possessed a certain narcissism and pride in appearance, along with some very serious, yet cheesy expressions, that moved me deeply.

My personal favorite expressions in glamour shots, and a technique I've used when posing includes the "eye roll/look to the heavens - as if I don't give a fuck and I'm above it all." I've done that many times and it works better with a cigarette or some sort of alcoholic beverage, conveying a reckless and whimsical sort of arrogance one can't help but love. The other popular one is of course the duckface. I can pull that off too, but not everyone can.

Sporting shades can add an element of mystery to the approach, maybe even distance. Each man has their own vibe in front of the camera. Take lots of pictures of yourself and find out which one is best for you. I literally have over 300 photos of myself on Facebook. This is healthy of course.

In closing, as we move deeper into an age of "notice me" and self importance, a guy needs to take the bull by the horns and embrace the glamour shot. Every man has their own style and it's up to him to find, work it, improve it, until it's pure gold. Never be afraid to take and show as many pictures of yourself as you possibly can. At all times.

After all, putting yourself out there like that shows a pride and confidence in who you are and how you look. God made everyone to be divas.


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