Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A List of My Own Vile Contradictions.

I enjoy pointing out others' hypocrisy, now let's look at some of my own. This isn't a pity party/"woe is me"/I'm a horrible person blog, just, hopefully, an honest assessment. We all have them, if we're honest. Instead of pretending we don't, let's address them. Do this in your own life.

(Dear Friends: You may not use any of these during any bar room political disagreement...plus it'd be an invalid argument.)

Probably the thing that most interests me and I support but I have yet to start up my own business and give the "free" market a shot. Now, in my defense, there really isn't a free-market, and I would argue that things have so been destroyed or bastardized that it might be tougher than it's ever been (speculation). But, most of my employment has come from corporations, and even some that receive government funding. Integrity and consistency would dictate that I leave such things, but my level of comfort keeps me there. Comfort might be our worst enemy.

In relation to Free-markets is the idea of voluntaryism. The notion that people will/can help out the poor more effectively if it's done on a voluntary - and not by force or coercion (of government). Aside from a week in Kentucky, helping the poor for a Catholic charity (this was the 90s) I have little history of volunteering to help the less fortunate. Again, it comes down to comfort level. I would bet if I forced to help out, I might feel a little better about myself.

I don't like sharing glasses with people however I've done some reckless things in the past. Yes there was protection involved (always), but it still wasn't wise, and very opposite of how I feel vis-a-vis sharing food and drinks. This is all the detail that needs to be disclosed at this point.

Other notes on germs: I don't shower every day, and my apartment is rather messy. On positive note: I'm getting better at cleaning my kitchen.

Clean Meats
This is the big one, and I don't mind getting my balls busted over it, it makes me laugh quite loudly because it's utterly ridiculous. Yeah, I don't eat pork or shellfish, or bunnies. Some people decide to be vegetarians, I decide (in early 2000), that I'm going avoid pork and lobster. Because my body is a temple, no? Yet I'll drink large amounts of alcoholic beverages and other things (unmentioned) will pass through my dying system on a regular basis.

Moving forward.

Okay, now that I got that shit off of my chest, I'm going to out there and start my own business, work at a soup kitchen, go back to celibacy, and avoid all chemicals. I vow to rid myself of all things that make me feel comfortable or good. I will be in constant anxiety over where my next paycheck will come from, I won't have health care, and all this stress that builds from this will have no place to go since I'm abstaining from the flesh and chemicals. I will either have a breakdown, or succeed gloriously in being the most perfect consistent person ever while creating countless jobs for people around me, and giving anything extra to the less fortunate.

That would be nice.

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