Friday, February 8, 2013

I'm Okay with Obama's Assasination Policy on US Citizens

Read this if you're unaware:

Maybe we shouldn't care. Maybe it's about time. We've been doing this abroad for so many years now and nobody seems to care. Anyone suggesting our foreign policy is a bit messed up is considered a nut. Few Americans have the brain power to imagine if the tables were turned and if other countries, say China, did the same things to us, that we do in the Middle East.

Americans, even bleeding heart/sensitive lefties, seem to be quite silent when it comes to these things, due to blind party loyalty (as if it were infallible religion). Consistency/objectivity seems to be tossed out the window in favor of a lust for power and entitlement ("we want our stuffs"). That's what really matters in America. Violence is okay here.

If we dish it out, we should be able to take it. Right?

So, what would happen if a few Americans were assassinated (assuming the media would report it). The real threat to liberty might be exposed. Some of us soon might be able to understand a bit of violence others have been going through in far off places. It could possible bring people together who otherwise wouldn't be united.

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