Monday, May 2, 2011

Local Weekend/Greater Berks County

DaintyBones had a nice weekend to kick off the month of may.

Friday we went out to a secluded place on the river to see some friends band play. It was noise music, they had a looping pedal guitarist, drums and another guitarist. It was good. Music went on in the spacious shed with nice lighting to go along to the music. Futon mattresses were placed up front for people to relax on while the music played. I mooched a couple beers off of a friend.

As the music went on, we had a lovely fire going outside, as some folks gathered in the cozy house. It wasn't too crowded. It was all just very nice, relaxed and laid back. Another Danish band played but I was outside by the fire as they started. There was some nice weird sounds coming from the shed, and filling the wilderness and mountains.

Saturday I chose to do a cookout. I threw some meat on the grille, chopped and seasoned it, and we had tacos. I also threw some smoked beef sausage on the grille too. It turns out this was one of rare occasions that I made exactly the right amount of food for everyone. It was a casual gathering and preparation really wasn't that bad. Again, I mooched a couple beers. I went to bed while some friends were still there. The rest of them went to the Fire Company.

Sunday afternoon was the big block party. I got there early to sort of assist with set up as best I could given the fact that I can't carry too many heavy things and my knowledge of sound equipment is quite limited. It started out kind of stressful as what we were hearing from the University's Radio Shack speakers didn't sound to promising. Many of us had our doubts.

Our friend, guitarist and expert sound dude, Dave, seemed to have doubts, which made me a little uneasy, but somehow he magically pulled it all together. I went in the tavern to calm down and have a few drinks and came out to a good sounding PA system. This put me at ease.

The planning for the event didn't allow for time in between bands so everything was a little behind. We had to eliminate 2 of our songs but everything went okay. A few small mistakes on stage, but people generally stuck around and even danced. Below is a photo.

Photo by Eric De Jesus
I ended my Sunday with a quick trip to Bethlehem to see a couple other bands. It was a busy weekend, I hope the rest of them are this busy as it begins to warm up around here.

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