Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A clear head and efficient living comes from throwing away.

A clear head and efficient living comes from throwing away. My mom is a mini hoarder and passed a little of that on to me. Most of life, even now, I feel like every little thing has sentimental value and must be saved. I do this with tickets, weekend magazines, and with clothing especially.

I'm finding I save things I may wear once a year. The clothing thing has paid off  numerous times. Often I've found things laying around my room that I pull out that just woos everyone (those suspenders with my khaki pants the girls drool over). Or, I find an old article of clothing will fit nicely with my new haircut or new piece of clothing I've found. It's also a curse though.

Much of the mess in my room goes back to clothing. I'd say about 77.2% of it to be exact. This has given me many ideas. I once thought of getting rid of everything except striped things (stripes are thining). Or, keeping only Dickies pants (since then, I've found Dickie's aren't as flattering for my God-given ass - though I'll still wear them).

Recently, I assume cause of warm weather and good Vitamin D I've been making slightly positive steps. Just yesterday I donated a bunch of stuff. I did that a few weeks ago too. These are tough decisions, but decisions that must be made! The overall result is a plus. A good clean spacious room uncluttered sends good vibes throughout the place and increases chances of nookie if I ever manipulate a young trollop back to the pad.

(I still have another bag to rid myself of)

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