Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Watchtower (Authoritarianism: church/state)

I did my eight to eleven shift today at work, met up with some friends at the local coffee establishment. Some local artist/prof was talking about herself, and she did it quite well at it. I stuck to my eggs on a bagel and waited for her to leave. Thoughts of the statist/academic mindset arose but I tried to block it out and remain positive. Another university member came in. They all seem to be happy in their world of non accountability, time off, and sabbaticals. It's a good life. I'm not anyone to judge (but I will), I've opted for the corporate approach which isn't that much morally superior to the statist (violent/gun to the head) way.

I'm (my income is) still connected to taxpayer money (to some extent) in the form of grants/student loans, but each term I am held accountable and evaluated. It seems like mostly every one's salary these days in the USA is connected to taxpayer funds. This is not a sustainable road to prosperity, as we're seeing the beginnings of the end of it.

I headed home, parked my silver hatchback, and crossed Noble Street to my home. As I was crossing another form of authoritarianism was approaching me in a suit and a friendly smile. I initially thought it was a politician or someone from the government. Turned out to be a Jehovah's Witness. A nice guy, but kind of fake. He was a salesman of sorts.

He had stopped by before and remembered my name and where I worked. The first time I answered the door I looked like a mess. Today, I looked tired warn out, but I was dressed better. He gave me some literature and went on his way.

I think most people I know, friends, etc. would have told him to get lost, but I remained polite and told him I needed a nap. I grew up in a religious household and dabbled in other sects for a while so I can sympathize with this guy and in a way and know where he's coming from. At least with this guy, as opposed to the state, the authoritarianism he is selling is completely voluntary.

After this interaction, I went upstairs, tried out this 8$ Casio keyboard I bought (IT WORKS!) then snoozed for a good three hours. It was much needed good rest. I'm ready to go!

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