Saturday, May 21, 2011

Why do i live in Kutztown?

I first set foot on Kutztown soil back in the spring of 1997. Me and my dad came out as I had to schedule classes. I chose the school cause it was affordable and it had the area of study that I wanted to pursue. I had no clue about this town other than it was a college town on the other side of the state.

I had a couple years in the dorms and those were swell times, even though it was a prison like setting. Eventually I moved out and on the opposite end of town, from the university. My first year off campus I almost went nuts. I was living by myself and shunned most inter-action. Occasionally friends would stop by as if they were visiting me the shut in. From then on, I've come to appreciate the value of human interaction and see it as a necessity for sanity.

My senior year I decided that I was going to go to bars on a regular basis, by myself. After a few weeks I became a regular, got comfortable and made friends. This was about 10 years ago exactly.

I think everything is quite relaxed and comfortable here. Yes, this is a small town, and rumors go around quite fast, but if you can get beyond that it's really a swell place. The Main Street has mostly functioning, if not thriving businesses, a few storefronts are empty. Walking the streets is always pleasant and safe and people here are generally kind, barring a few folks here and there. Though the borough is corrupt and that's on the record, I rarely feel bothered here (I did get a silly ticket a couple months ago however).

There's a bus station walking distance from my place that'll shoot you up to NYC in no time. I like that. There's a great flea market walking distance from my place that has lots of cool shit. I like that. There is a soothing stream that runs through town. I like that. Especially on a night walk with the Kutztown Kreepers.

It's a university town, and that makes the place a lot more interesting too.

I think in the event of an economic crash, this would be a great place to be because it's surrounded by many farms.

There are some things I don't like though.
-There seems to be a lack of music venues here. We do a big fire company gig two times a year, but thats not a regular place. I have seen some great shows at the Eckhaus. I hear the pub is doing music. Shorty's books shit cover bands to go with their shitty bar and everything else shitty in there. It's shit.

-There needs to be a GOOD chinese restaurant in town, and a GOOD sushi place in town, and an indian place would be nice.

-It goes against everything I stand for to have the borough run the electricity and cable. That should be privatized.

-And, I don't have children, but I hear the school board is kind of going downhill. (I'd home school anyway)

What's Best
What's best is that I live near so many peeps that are dear to me and that I'd feel comfortable going into their homes, uninvited, to just say hello, or get some meaningless dramatic thoughts off of my skinny hairy chest. The way things are set up these days and neighborhoods/developments what they are, this may be a rare thing. Fortunately I grew up with it, and I've managed to stay with it. This goes a long way when we speak of quality of living.

How is your hood?????

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