Monday, February 28, 2011

I wanna post political blogs but I realize I just can't!

I must have about seven or eight unfinished political blogs/rants sitting in my DaintyBones folder of posts. They almost always start out the same way. I've read something, been involved in a "discussion" (sober or not) with loved ones, or maybe I've seen something on the news.

I always start out motivated. I want to upset people or gain their agreement. I think the openings and intros are quite well written, but really not original. In fact, that's the problem with all of my political insight, it's not original. Therefore it's probably not interesting. Well, it would be interesting if you are new to political blogs, but then, you probably wouldn't be interested in the first place. So I say to myself, what the hell am I even trying to do?

It's all been said before, maybe that's the case for all of my posts, but it's ever so blatant when I try to articulate my ideology. To be honest I've always struggled with logic and reasoning things out. As much I really hate to admit I'm quite an emotion driven fool. I think emotions work well when you're writing about falling in love the first time with a malnourished, dirty girl, or ripping up your first pay check, but I find it to get ever so old when trying to piece together a thoughtful opinion. We'll leave that to "left." If there is really a "left" or a "right" for that matter. Those terms are meaningless. (I meant to say statist.)

So, the point of this blog is that I will probably never endeavor to write anything political anymore. The point is to also mention that I am capable of editing my thoughts. A lot of thought goes into DaintyBones. This isn't a haphazard approach. I want you to also realize that I am very political minded (as I know the few of you that read probably don't care anyway). If you are interested in reading things or listening to things that are the closest to my philosophies check these guys out cause they do it way better than I could ever dream about.

Please feel free to comment about your thoughts on these folks.


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