Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Meaning of Bowling

Many people dismiss bowling as a game for the masses. Others see it as a pass time for drunk people. The Polish people tend to thrive on it, and many others too. And although the game is presented in some of the worst cheesy packaging out there (shirts, shoes, bowling alley decor, etc), there is a deep and hidden meanings behind all of it.

Follow me now down the lane, will you?

The Bowler
The bowler is man (men and women/mankind), the common man, a protagonist going up against a cruel and hostile world. The pins seem small and off in the distance, often impossible to a beginner. The bowler is faced with a problem. The solution is destruction. His goal is to leave no pin standing.

The bowler has an approach. Likewise, we all must, in our own lives, figure out our own approach. The best approaches are those that involve an easy glide. Watch the pros. The message here is that its best to glide through life. Easy does it. Please don't confuse gliding with a lack of drive or motivation. The game is just telling you to take easy and relax. There isn't apathy.
Let's move on.

The Lane
This is an easy one. The lane is life. It's long and oily and has arrows to direct us on our path. It's best to stay in the center and balanced but the best life is a life well lived. It's human to get off the center. We all do. Understand, the best bowlers throw their balls dangerously close to the gutter only to have it hook perfectly in the pocket. Sometimes we fall into the gutter. This happens only if we go to far on either side of the lane. It happened to Keith Moon.

Don't let this happen to you.

The Ball
The ball is our energy. Is rotates, spins, hooks and knocks down anything in its path. Your energy (or spirit) has powers beyond your belief if you unleash it. Let it out baby! Do some damage! Create! Overthrow governments! Speak truth to power!

This is where it gets quite interesting. Allow me to unveil this. Watch now.

The Pins
Pins are the ultimate representation of power. They are pure, white, set up, standing upright, all in line, organized in quite a beautiful way. A triangle of ten. A number of completeness.

The lights shine down on them as if God were to give his blessing on royalty, as it was with the doctrine of divine right. Not unlike corporate and government powers of today, bowling pins have an arrogant sense of entitlement.

But, if you were to look at a pin closely, you'd see that it's not perfect, and full of flaws, dents, and scratches (I know this because, like my father, I've set pins, and I'm proud of it). When we inspect our government and the corporations its empowered you would see countless violations against natural law and anything that's decent through violence and coercion.

Do the pins have power over you? Talk to me after you missed that seven pin on an easy spare, or, after you've left a split standing. These things mess your head and seek to control you and reduce to an upset little child.

Don't let the pins control you.
So, What Are We To Do?
Whether it's our oppressors or pins, it's up to mankind to break off the shackles of control. We must be the protagonist, we must relax and glide, approach, use our energy to rise up and knock them down! Topple them as they will hopefully do in Egypt and the rest of Arabia. Never accept tyranny. Never let them check your "parts" when you take a flight. Demand to know where your tax money is going and who it is benefiting. Most importantly live your life and use your spirit to do something other than accepting what they give you.

Always stay out of the gutter.

Yours truly and forever - in this life or the next,
Dainty Bones.

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