Thursday, February 24, 2011

Products endorsed by DaintyBones!

These are things that I like. These are things that I love. They've made my existence on this planet quite pleasant. These are all products of the free-market. Businesses and even big corporations. Let it be known, I don't love corporations but I will give props when things are done right and most importantly make me happy.

Here they are:

CC Wifi Radio:
This sits above my bed and is always on in my room. While all of the stations I get could be found on a computer, I found this product groups them all nicely and easy to navigate. I literally have access to thousands of radio stations the world over. It has a lovely remote control too. My personal favorites are:

  • CHML-AM, Hamilton, Ontario - they broadcast old radio shows from the 40's and 50's, after 11pm. Goes well with "desert."
  • The Alex Jones Channel - a continuous stream of the AJ Show
  • Liberty Radio Network - a Libertarian/Anarcho-Capitalist station, featuring shows such as Complete Liberty, Stefan Molyneux, and the great Lew Rockwell.
  • CBC3 - Great, mainly Canadian indie bands.
  • CITR - Vancouver College Radio
  • KDKA - Pittsburgh AM bullshit - reminds me of home.
  • Radio Oo La La - Amsterdam station that plays french tunes, or American tunes sung in French.

Fender Stratocaster/Highway One
My friend Dave helped me pick this one out. Parts are American made but I believe it's assembled in Mexico. Or vice-versa. Great sound, Heavy, and Sexy. I appreciate more now than I ever did. It just feels good. Ox blood.

El Yucateco - Habanero Hot Sauce
This is by far, the best hot sauce ever made. Goes good on anything.

Tea's Tea - Ito En (Japan)
Most drinks in most stores are loaded with garbage and sugar and Rumsfeld's apartame. This is just tea, jasmine and water. It goes down so easy. I drink a big jug a day.

Mazda3 - Automobile
I bought this used. It's a 2004. It looks sexy, neat interior, and handles so sweet. The only thing I don't like is that there are so many around. I've had really NO problems with this thing other than constantly changing the sportscar tires. It's a little weak in the snow too.

This is my favorite beverage around the bar. They go down smooth and easy. I once broke a hip to this stuff and a basketball game while no one was guarding me. They look pretty in the glass too. This was the first drink we had when we set foot in the old UK. It's also featured at the Kutztown Fire co for $3.25 or so, and if you're lucky, cute Katie will serve you one up with a weird noise. Thank you Strangeways brewery. You make me happy.

Please comment and list those special things that improve your quality and enjoyment of life. Please understand, there is so replacement for good people and good community which I've been quite blessed with here on eastern side of PA. Please be sure to appreciate flesh and blood before lifeless products, though, products can help a little too.




  1. No, this was a completely voluntary decision. I must tip my hat to these fine things...not everything has to be a deal...