Monday, February 14, 2011

It's Warming this Week/Inspirational Thoughts

The seasons are changing back to warm soon and this week is proof of it. While we will probably get more snow it's quite a relief to know in a couple months we won't have to pay for oil for about five months or so. I'd like the winter much more if that wasn't an expense. Space heaters have done a swell job for me and the others in the house, especially the guy down the hall.

I get mixed feelings about the change of seasons. It's nice in a college town to see ladies strut their stuff in less clothing. This is quite refreshing. The prospect of forming a wiffle ball team this years seems better than ever. Also, I can once again wear tight tee-shirts and pants and no long johns. I'll sweat more, but that's okay. God-willing, I'll venture on a few road trips up north.

On the down side, baseball will be televised and hockey and football will be done. This is good though, it'll keep me away from the evil television. God-willing, I'll venture on a few road trips up north and maybe overseas if I can get some dough together.

The big downer with these change of seasons, whether it's summer to fall or winter to spring, it's a reminder I'm getting old. I felt this way even in grade school. It's a reminder that things move on and change. I think the older I get the more I embrace it, but I used to really like to cling to the past and that's very limiting.

While nothing is guaranteed, and I still have my fears about things, it kind of seems like things always get better.

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