Thursday, November 29, 2012

Going Down the Mouth of the Dragon (GDTMD).

A friend, after I mocked him for doing something risky, responded quite calmly and confidently, "hey, gotta down the mouth of the dragon."

This, of course, blew me away. The simplicity and wisdom of the phrase shut me up immediately. I had no comeback for this. I walked into the other room. No more words were ever discussed about it. I understood where he was coming from and I had complete and total respect for that approach.

Recently, I may have gone down the mouth of the dragon, and for now, dare I jinx myself, it seems as though I will be okay. I won't explain what I did, because this is a family blog, but I assure you wasn't very prudent. Generally, when we make decisions to go down the mouth of the dragon, we aren't in our right mind. We're either bored or stressed out. In most cases it's an "in the moment" decision. Might even be impulsive.

Sometimes one needs to GDTMD strictly to come out the other end. Some people don't come out the other and will stuck in the belly. The decision can ruin a life, or make it. Make no mistakes, it's not all glory, but when you make the decision, the consequences seem non existent.

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