Monday, December 3, 2012

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Most of us are dull, lazy and miserable. Some may have well paying jobs and nice cars and hair but they still suck and they're still miserable. I see it all the time. There's nothing interesting about them. The same can go for average and poor people - wealth has nothing to do with it, why did I bring it up? But everyone generally sucks. Most of us are on meds for mental health or chronic issues because of our poor diets and societies desire to put us in boxes and feminize the male (Like that whiney pussy Bob Costas). The "man" is kicking everybody's asses so much so that you have a flock of bleeding hearts supporting a war criminal president and supposedly small government factions backing the authoritarian sociopath. Things are flipped upside down in this world and country and that's the way they like it. Good natured, honest and upfront blokes like myself get painted as shady and weird while the creepers run wild. On a daily basis I get crucified for speaking truth to power. They don't want you to do that. Ever. If you ever call things for what they really are, expect to get shit flung at you.

((Let it be known, there was a never a perfect time and my goal was not to romanticize the past as they were full of injustices. Let's move forward.))

The next time I see you at least give me something interesting to talk about. I'm tired of this surface bullshit. But, maybe that's all you got. F#ck you then! Don't even look at me or do something noteworthy. Tell me about something new you learned how to cook. Let me know how that yoga course is helping out your vibe, or how that Remain in Light album changed your outlook on things. Maybe you finally got to nail that big breasted slut who's half your age that lives down street that you've always seen in the coffee shop. Or how you're starting a noise band that sounds like nothing you've ever heard before (sigh). Entertain me. Most importantly, entertain yourself.

The point is, stop being a pathetic douchebag that has nothing to share or contribute. Our existence in this realm is far too short for that kind of lifeless approach. Get the f#ck out of my goddamned way. There are more good times and moving moments to be had and I choose to either make them, or be apart of them. You can help me with this...or like I said, get the f#ck out of my way.

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