Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election Night with Dainty Bones.

I worked until 8pm lastnight, which was election night. Fortunately, I was already suffering from a serious cold and had no energy to go out and follow this year's coverage. I really had nobody in the race and cared little for who won. Instead of being  a positive soul and supportive of most of my friends who were quite happy with the Obama victory I decided to keep quiet and partially shit on their enthusiasm. If it weren't for my sickness, I probably would've been worse. But I wasn't at all disappointed that Romney lost, the guy is a creep. Sadly, his opponent is a creep too.

Lastnight and today even people were rejoicing. Some were even still posting things like pro-choice memes as if Romney was going to reverse Roe vs. Wade and that Obama was the ultimate protector of women's bodies and rights (God forbid you're an Afghan woman in the way bombing attack though - but that doesn't matter - lesser of 2 evils, right?). I'd probably better understand this if it were the 80s or 90s but these things have been well decided and any hyperfocusing/obsession over this topic is irrational and a distraction from far greater crimes and injustices going on around the world in the name of the this president and the one before him. Whatever makes people feel good I guess. Somehow other liberties get pushed to the wayside.

The lesser of two evils seems to be the thinking behind everything political these days. Turn out was lower, I believe, and I'd like to think it was because of Ron Paul's people sitting it out. That's what I did. It will be interesting to see what happens if things really get worse, as they have been, which is what I'm fully expecting barring a miracle of some sort. I'm curious to see if the approach will be more QE's and intervention, which will equal inflation. Look at your food prices already.

As we continue to go on this same path of irresponsibilty we might ask. Who will be the successor to the Peace/Anti-Fed/Free Market movement that Dr. Paul started, and will the GOP finally scrap the Wall Street/Neo-con/Religious Right coalition that is largely responsible for our current problems and their last two crushing defeats to a poor opponent with a lame agenda.

For now, the ACLU and the anti-war left will take another four year break (I stole that from a friends FB status).

F### the idealists.

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