Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Jazz Guitarists

The few jazz guitarists that I know tend to be arrogant f###s with sociopathic problems. There are exceptions, yes, but my general experience hasn't been good. Don't get me wrong, you could hand them a guitar and they could do quite wonderful, almost mind blowing things with it, musically, but as human beings they struggle, and as dressers, they're mediocre at best.

I'm not quite sure what it is that makes them this way. Maybe it's the shelling out of large amounts of money for a music education. Though I have friends who aren't jazz guitarists who went to school for music who aren't like this. Maybe they're just wired this way. Maybe it's part of the vibe. Understand, they'll get paid far more than our entire band gets for a gig, but most of time it's just soft background music for wanna-be elitist f###s eating at a restaurant or winery. Honestly, no jealousy here, I'm an attention whore, money means little to me. I don't even consider myself a musician, or anything for that matter.

I don't write this in a spiteful way of any sort, I'm rather saddened. I wish they could come down to our level and realize that their waste smells like everybody else's waste.

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