Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer Resolutions 2012

Here's a list of things I'd like to do before the summer's over. I hate that term "bucket list." NEVER USE THAT TERM around me. Here they are:

  1. Kayak the upper Delaware (near Port Jervis).
  2. Get to Montreal (either via train or Mazda).
  3. Get my side business started...officially.
  4. Go trout fishing.
  5. Start a serious conspiracy/news/blog website...
  6. Go to a Pittsburgh Pirates game (I have yet to visit the new stadium and it's like 10 + years old).
  7. Lose my little gut (not for superficial reasons, it just doesn't feel right).
  8. Go to a beach.
  9. Visit New England (either CT(birthplace), RI, or Maine).
  10. Cut out alcohol by 98%.
  11. Get on a boat of some sort.
  12. Take more control of things, without losing control of things.
  13. Do more/Talk less.
  14. Reduce FB usage by 75%.
  15. Go skinny dipping.
Maybe these have inspired you to come up with your own, or maybe this made you realize what a self-absorbed, attention-getting douchebag I am by putting these up here for all to see. Regardless, feel free to comment with your own, or tell me which ones of mine that you think are gay. If I remember, or if I am still alive, I will try to write a follow-up to this for those few pathetic souls, world-wide, that follow this poorly written blog that we know as "DaintyBones."


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