Monday, June 18, 2012

Back to Juicing?

Life is a series of ups and downs. There can be moments of great self improvement, progress, and healthy decisions, followed by degeneration, laziness, and toxic choices. You can get periods of intense happiness later leading to serious bouts of depression. Nothing is guaranteed. Those who truly live experience both. Some try to maintain a middle ground or balance. I've always struggled with that approach.

Shortly after a serious medical situation, a serious downer, I got motivated to be well and live healthy. I had spent about a good month ingesting lots of opiates and blood thinner medication and it totally messed up my head. As a response to that I pulled my old dusty juicer out and began to sort of obsessively juice as part of my rehabilitation. I ended my drinking and got on a little exercise routine.

I noticed results, not only physically, but mentally. I was a more positive person. I was motivated, and I had more energy. This was a time of good progress and it took a serious set back to bring that out.

Slowly but surely the bar crept back into the picture, as I am a social butterfly, and the positive habits I did have began to fade away in favor of the nightlife. I can't say I wasn't having a great time living it up at the bar most or a lot of nights, but mentally it took it's toll, along with "other" things.

A couple years later and I find myself wanting to go back to the juicing. I will start tonight. I have carrots and kale and ginger. I'm doing this because I'd like to have more energy and mentally, maybe be a little more positive if not more driven. For me, this will be work to consistently do it. It needs to become a religious obsession of sorts. I'm not swearing off booze or "other" things, I'm just going to give the juicing a try and see what it does. I know it's worked in the past and I trust I will feel it this time too.

I should probably do sit-ups as I'd hate for this hot bod to go to waste. Dig?

I will keep you posted.

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