Friday, June 22, 2012

My Personal Journey/Interest through Conspiracy Theories

Since about High School, I've always been fascinated by conspiracy theories. I don't like that term, "conspiracy theory" because it tends to bring to mind negative, mentally unhealthy, and ignorant people clinging to half truths or debunked information. Most people understand this term though, so, I will use it only for this blog.

Growing up in the Roman Catholic Church is quite a unique experience and I wouldn't change it and I don't regret it, though I will never set foot in a catholic church again(aside from deaths and weddings(death)). But usually around grade school, for me it was high school, you begin to question it's validity and authority (if you have a brain). I sort of gave it the benefit of the doubt. At this time, my younger brother's friend came across his father's fundamentalist Catholic Conspiracy comic books.

These books were wonderfully illustrated, by the crazy fundamentalist, Jack Chick, mostly about stories involving a Jesuit priest, named Alberto Rivera. You may know of Jack Chick from those lovely little tracts, sometimes placed in bars and bathrooms, that tell you you're going to hell. Same guy, same company.

When you have thirteen years in catholic school,  some of your church history is a little one sided. The Spanish Inquisition may have been mentioned, but a lot of the details were left out. Any serious discussion of the RCC's strong anti-Semitic past was totally ignored, unless I missed class that day.

Through wonderful and graphic illustrations of violence, torture and crime, Alberto Rivera reveals his long and tragic experiences within the church, as a high ranking Jesuit. Alberto also discusses some ugly church history, especially the Inquisition (of-course), the assassination of Abraham Lincoln (no joke), and their Nazi ties (which is quite true and sad) along with many other things going on in recent history (take a guess).

A new world was opened up to me. I found myself getting sort of sick in the stomach as I was going through each page. The priests and the whole hierarchy became like demons to me. Holy communion became a satanic ritual. It was all fascinating, bizarre, sad, and disgusting. We did have many laughs over this too, and it was used to provoke my dad, who still goes to church to this day (god bless 'eem). Though, in hindsight, many (not all) claims put forth in this series had or have little or no backing, I'd have to say this would be the beginning of my c-fetish.
(Just recapping this story now makes me want to purchase that series, just for nostalgic reasons)

The Money Masters
A few years may have gone by, this was still the 1990s' and a small local TV channel in Pittsburgh aired an interesting documentary series. This was called "the Money Masters," by William Still. This was my first exposure to the racket they call the Federal Reserve Board. Yes, that private monopoly that prints worthless notes called the US Dollar. I read the book, New World Order: The Ancient Plan of Secret Societies, rather quickly, and started to become fascinated with the topic of money. While I don't agree with Still's conclusion, which is that fiat currency (money backed by nothing) is still the way to go, just have the government do it instead of a private bank (he uses the island of Guernsey as an example), I found the historical information regarding monetary history, and how we got the FED (1913), to be quite intriguing. It kept my interest and attention. Still has since written a book titled, "the Secret of Oz" which goes back and adds to, and corrects some minor errors in "The Money Masters." You can youtube both of these series, and if you don't find it dry (which I didn't), you will learn a lot.

What's the Conspiracy:?: It's pretty extensive. A bunch of elites, including JP Morgan, among others and Senator Aldrich met in Jekyll Island, GA (just off the coast) around 1910 to create the Federal Reserve Act, which would allow a private monopoly on banking. They claim the Federal Reserve Act was pushed through Congress, and if you do research, you can find some interesting quotes about it from that time (Be careful though, there are a lot of bogus quotes used by Anti-Fed people). It is true that the Federal Reserve is a private institution, pretending to be public. It is true that they operate in secret and are somewhat unaccountable, though the president does appoint the head of the Fed. Currently it's Ben Bernanke.

I would suggest doing your own research to determine how much impact you think this institution has on our lives. You may discover they have a lot more power than any president or congressman. In the interest of time, I'll leave that up to you. 

(One day I will devote an entire blog, or blogs to this issue)

The New World Order Conspiracy
This one also got my attention in the mid to early 90s with the cold war over and Bill Clinton being in office and every militia being the terrorist (of course now it's the Arabs). "New World Order" is printed on the dollar bill so it must be true, right? This one usually ties in the Banks, the Masons, CFR, big business, and most of the countries of the world. This New World Order conspiracy seemed to fade away when GW Bush became president because we shifted our attention to the Middle East "freedom haters." (we'll talk about that one next) I've never read a complete and full explanation of this and if anyone has one, send it to me. Here are some general points to this theory, which I haven't really checked out in while. Please feel free to add or comment on these.

  • Loss of US Sovereignty, no more Constitution (that's already happened).
  • US Army put under control of a Global Government.
  • Global Currency.
  • Centralized One-World Government by big government/big corporate fascistic state.
This conspiracy has also been tied into religion and apocalyptic books in the Bible. This makes it even more amusing/compelling if you suspend disbelief. Some aspects of this theory that tie into religion are...

  • This One-World government is the revived Roman Empire spoken about in the Book of Daniel and Revelation.
  • The One-World government will then create a false religion which will be a mixture of dominant world religions such as Catholicism(the catholic church is popping up again), Islam, Hinduism, and maybe others. Those who don't accept this religion will be put to death.
  • The Global Currency will be the Mark of the Beast which will be an implanted micro-chip on the wrist used to buy and sell (straight out of Revelation). This technology currently exists.
  • Finally, this revived Roman Empire, the one-world government, will eventually all go against Israel in the end times.
Most, if not all, of the TV evangelists that speak about this are frauds and they will use current events along with handpicked Bible verses to push their always changing theories. Jack van Impe is a guy that used to entertain us with his enthusiasm and "insight" and his wife (caked on make-up) telling us it was going to all be over in 1995. I'm not sure if he is still on, but I highly recommend watching him for entertainment purposes and to get a better grasp of what I'm speaking of. He almost seems to have a coked-up vibe. Judge for yourself. He also has nice hair.

Moving away from the religious aspects of the NWO, here are a few groups that, rightly or wrongly, are associated with the New World Order plot.

  • Free Masons - a somewhat secret society that apparently has its hands in everything, or at least did. Refer to the pyramid on your dollar bill. They specialize in secret knowledge and maybe aliens. (I got to take a tour of their headquarters in London back in January).
  • Bilderbergers - this is a "legit" and secret group that is finally getting news coverage. It contains many of the elites, and was founded by an ex-Nazi after WW2. Check it out.
  • CFR - Council on Foreign Relations. Pretty much all cabinet members of our Presidents are a part of this group (since 1980). Look it for yourself.
There are others, but we need to move on. Currently, I haven't heard a whole lot about this like I did in the 1990's and it probably got more coverage back then because on September 11, 1991, Bush Sr., as president, mentioned the term "New World Order," in a speech he gave to congress. I believe there has always been a move towards centralized government. The idea of the few controlling the masses has always been with us. In most cases it really never seems to work, but with current technology, drones for instance, it seems that it is more possible for this to be achieved. Free Masons (those at the top), Bilderbergers and CFR are no doubt shady groups, without our best interests in mind, but I've never seen a solid connection between those guys and the New World Order. You can pull out quotes, here and there from various members of these organizations, and I think their intentions are not positive, but it's unclear, to me, how much or how deep their hands really are in things. Again, please feel free comment if you have differing views and insight to share. This blog really just scratches the surface of things. I wrote this just to get your feet wet.

Nick Berg/Beheadings
I took a break from conspiracies for awhile, always holding these ideas in the back of my brain. Then something happened in the news that really shook me up and re-awakened my interest in current events, government, and conspiracies.

A fellow, not to far from where I live was in Iraq doing telecommunication work, I believe. The story is a bit unclear, but apparently he fell into insurgents hands and was beheaded. The image was horrifying, and came out around the same time the Abu Ghraib story came. I'd never really seen a photo of a man holding another man's detached head and it really made an impact. I began to read up on this whole event and came across some sites that disputed the authenticity of it.

First off, the story is confusing about how insurgents got a hold of him. The Iraqi government(Pro US) said that they had him, then handed him over to the Americans, this story was disputed by the US Government. The men standing behind Nick Berg are not Arabs or Middle Eastern, they're oafish white men. He was clearly dead before they severed his head. There is more, again, research it for yourself.

This is when the term Psy-Ops was first made known to me. Staged, False-Flag events that the government or military use, via the phony corporate media, to persuade the population. The whole beheading was done so poorly you'd expect more from the military. Anyway, this event, which happened in 2004 led me to really start questioning things like 9/11. Let's move forward now.

I saw it, like many at the time, and was quite affected as was the desired result. The media played right along with the propaganda, and aired the thing thousands of times, and repeating the "official story" soon after it happened without any sort of serious questioning. Isn't that bizarre? You got to repeat that message over and over again if you're to brainwash the public. Beat it into their until everyone is wearing a goddamned flag (and some of those God-fearing "patriotic" Americans were even involved in beating up other innocent American citizens who might look a little darker, that resembled the enemy).

It took me about three years after that to really question the facts (refer to the last section on Nick Berg if you forgot already). I became quite fanatical about how this was an inside job and would bring up this issue nonstop. It seemed quite clear. I'd visit, Alex Jones site, constantly. Purchased some books, listened to lectures, etc. I'm still very certain there was government involvement, either in passive way, or in a direct and violent way. I've never heard a good explanation of Building 7 collapsing (huh? what's Building 7?). That just seems fishy. Many accounts of eyewitnesses, in the building, seem to also contradict the official story. God forbid anyone from Foxnews, CNN, or MSNBC question any of those people.

If 19 hijackers could really do the damage that they did, just acting alone, with the aide of Al-Quada (which was created and backed by the CIA) then we are really in trouble. Having said that, there are a lot of bullshit and whacky theories tied into 9/11, even, unfortunately, some with an anti-Semetic slant, which hurts the valid questions and arguments brought forth by intelligent people in questioning the event. I've read some of the debunking articles, and in many cases they seem to bring up a lot of these strawman arguments.

There are solid and thoughtful brains out there that have serious questions and when they have had "time" on network news, they usually have been silenced or not been allowed to really tell their story. They usually get cut off by the host (Check out BYU Professor Steven Jones on Tucker Carlsson). No one knows exactly what happened, really, those who claim to know exactly what happened, on either side, are kind of fooling themselves. But, history shows us that false-flags do occur and are used for more government control, or and excuse for war. It'd be wise to keep questioning. Far more money was spent investing Bill Clinton's exploits in the Oval Office, than what happened on September 11th.

I've highlighted just the main conspiracy theories that have impacted my philosophical outlook on government, and maybe religion to a lesser extent. If I'm being completely honest with myself and others, I can't say that these are all 100% correct, and, I am aware of the falsehoods and biases that are connected with these views. If there is anything positive that can be taken from any of the above situations is that it has placed on me, a general skepticism, maybe a dislike of strong, centralized authoritarian institutions and a strong desire for a return to individualism and localized rule and transparency. The moral of this story, blog if you will, is, in all circumstances, power corrupts,(strong centralized power corrupts), and can lead to some pretty ugly, oppressive and violent outcomes, often covered-up, and spun to fit specific "needs." While others may read this blog, disagree and even laugh hysterically, I will sleep better at night knowing that I don't hold onto those childish trusting views of the possibility of a helpful and loving government that have my best interests and the groups best interests in mind. This is no more superstitious/foolish than genuflecting to a wafer or a statue or a book.

Have a great weekend.


  1. Here's a link to a popular state park in Virginia. Their "fees" page shows the "New World Order" pyramid emblem from the dollar bill on the page. What's up with that? Is this a former Bilderberger Meeting place or something? I know people who go here every summer....

  2. first time i saw this park. that's the other side of the seal for the us. the side we're used to seeing is of course that eagle with the arrows (which also has interesting symbolism)...its on the dollar bill. the pyramid is also tied to masonry, though it's not exclusively a masonic symbol. it's weird that they would use the other side of the great seal for their. there is an owl on that page too...